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How to Thrive in Any Business Sector as a Woman Entrepreneur

A TEDx Speaker, a marketeer and a social etrepreneur, Anoushka is a beliver in the indispensability of hard work.

Being recognized as an important catalyst for economic growth, there is no time like the present for women entrepreneurs to thrive in any business. From a professional standpoint, women entrepreneurs have successfully contributed to generate employment, render unique business solutions, poverty reduction, human development, education, health and more. On the social front, women entrepreneurs not only contribute towards their family wellbeing but also becoming more socially independent that bring about better outcomes at the community as well as professional level.

The new age women leaders are no longer confined to the traditional, done and dusted approach to running their enterprise. In order to thrive, women today are ready to explore newer management decisions/styles and explore paths that haven’t been explored. Considering that, below mentioned are some ways how women entrepreneurs can strive - or rather thrive - in any business sectors.

Recognise Leadership in Non-Traditional Forms

The opportunity lies in recognizing when the cultural traditional norm is limiting our ability to see leadership that meets the stated values and competencies. Today the women leaders of various sectors believe passionately in their mission that resonates with them and who behave in consistent alignment with the values, and demonstrate a stated leadership competencies effectively. For instance, being open to new ideas and developing a progressive management style are followed by entrepreneurs, without falling prey to traditional forms of leadership.

Form a Team that Share the Same Vision

Everyone wants to build a winning team that includes people who are best at what they do. What’s more important is having a team that shares the same vision, value system and work ethic like you. Leading a team with professionals that understand the company's goals and mission will enable you to steer up your organization's growth.

Have Your Own Unique Business Plan

Having a business plan defines and elaborates your goals, giving a clear picture to your team. It can help make those benchmarks more intentional and consequential. A business plan can also help keep you accountable to your long-term vision and strategy, and gain insights.

Turn Desire into Action

Women entrepreneurs understand that smart goal setting means increasing our learning agility, or our ability to take knowledge from one concept and apply it to another. Process, performance, and outcome goals have a linear relationship in putting your desires to action. This is important because if you achieve your process goals, you give yourself a good chance to achieve your performance goals. Similarly, when you achieve your performance goals, you have a better chance of achieving your outcome goals - your desires.


On the social front, women entrepreneurs not only contribute towards their family wellbeing but also becoming more socially independent that bring about better outcomes at the community as well as professional level


Constantly Invest in Learning

As an entrepreneur you must commit yourself to learn something that will add value to your skills and bring a new dimension of interest to your life.  By learning we don’t mean just reading important books for business owners, but also learn to teach your employees that eventually will help them achieve their goals and plans.

Don’t be Afraid to Fail

By fearing failure, women often don't leap into entrepreneurship. If famous and successful female entrepreneurs like we have today, allowed failure to hold them back our world would be an entirely different place. Fear is natural, but overcoming fear is powerful. You need to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. You have to give your every shot your 100 percent, because you never know which shot could be your golden shot.

Celebrate Critiques as well as Accolades

Most of the women entrepreneurs pay detailed attention to their critiques and neglect the remarkable victories they’ve achieved. They often tend to brush their victories as they are more steadfast in their focus towards improvement. While this is imperative, women must also celebrate their victories.

Work-Life Balance

Working all day, dealing with daily stress could take a negative toll on your mental and physical health. Switching off from your professional life and spending quality time with your loved ones is crucial. Women entrepreneurs also need to focus on consciously blending the two aspects which will help ease the struggle of the juggling act.