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The Influential Thought Leaders & Trailblazers In Digital Marketing

Since our Prime Minister Modi spoke about making India a digital nation, there was a rush among businesses to make their presence online.

Covid Era & Health Care Workers

In the ongoing global crisis unleashed by the coronavirus, the healthcare has taken a major hit, and In India alone, over 500 doctors and several...

Marketing during COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented us a global health crisis with no modern-day precedent. In the wake of the pandemic, businesses have been quick to shape...

HR Function Becoming Smarter, So Should HRs

Holding over 15 years of HR Management, people management and administration experience, Shilpi specializes in Talent Acquisition and Training.

Fem-Tech in the Age of Sustainability: How the Face of Feminine Hygiene Products in India is set to Change

Let’s be honest with ourselves! Whether we agree or fret the idea that climate change is real, the overall start-up ecosystem is tilting strongly...

Inspiration For One & All

To be fair, we need to accept the fact that India still needs to buckle up to equate the gender gap in the IT sector. Despite having higher...