Being A Woman Dentist!

Being A Woman Dentist!

By: Dr. Gunita Singh, BDS MD Dental Lasers, Director Dentem & Associate Consultant Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Well, this is one topic which is very close to my heart and when I was told to write something on this I was rather excited. Generally whenever I have to write it's a challenge to take out time from my schedule and concentrate, though I love writing, and this time it's different.

Being a woman is a great challenge in itself it comes with so many highs and lows in life and 20 yrs. Back when I started my practice it was all the more difficult for a woman to survive in this male-dominated society, though the revolution and change had started but was very superficial.

"Hey so good to see woman dentist, but wait will you have the strength to pull out my teeth?"

"Hey you are such a gentle dentist but if you don't mind can your husband see me?"


Though when I started studying in the dental school the male-female ratio had become 50:50 by then but still when I entered the open world things were different. But believe me, just move on, move on is the only mantra to success and I can vouch we women make much better dentists both technically and emotionally and this is the best profession for women I know by far.


A recent study found that female dentists are more conservative in their approach they like to follow prevention strategies spend more time explaining to patients about various aspects of maintaining oral hygiene. They lay more stress on conservative treatments like cleaning fluoride applications and pit and fissure sealants.


Female dentists have smaller hands so they can work better in the oral cavity with much more precision and causing the least discomfort to the patient.


Many patients experience a great deal of anxiety about going to the dentist. Research has shown that female dentists may be better at listening to their patients. This could help patients feel more secure and comfortable during their treatment.


There is one final difference between a male and a female dentist. Parents should know that female dentist are more likely to recommend that young patients use fluoride treatment at home. This sort of preventive treatment in the comfort of home can also have huge benefits for parents and patients. Also, there is that motherly touch in every woman which is such a benefit for patients especially kids.

Also being a women dentist you treat your clinic as your baby and invest all your heart soul and money into it. Often seen, especially at my clinic DENTEM you will find all types of equipment and the latest technology in the clinic as we want to make sure that patients are comfortable.

“While all brands might not sell products that serve an altruistic purpose, service and procurement for a human necessity or even a luxury is putting the consumer's human needs first”

See Dentistry is a combination of science and art. Health and cosmetics and women can do wonders in both. And with recent advances, we have so much to offer, like:


We can whiten your teeth in less than 30 minutes with no permanent side effects totally non-invasive.


We offer both ceramic and composite laminates to design your smile with minimal tooth cutting the results are unimaginable.


Metal Crowns to cover damaged in infected teeth to give them new strength and life.


Biocompatible diamond to just add sparkle to your smile.


Full mouth XRAY machines to analyze full mouth situation of the patient and make diagnosis completely before starting any treatment it takes 10 minutes and we are done.


Lasers for gums stitchless, bloodless and painless surgery.

One of the major revolutions in dentistry I being specialized in lasers from Austria proudly state that this has made life so much easier for people suffering from gum issues.

Endo motor and apex locator

Computerized RCT machines SO that we can finish root canals in 45 mins single sittings without any pain and discomfort.


Clear aligners take care of both beauty and health. They make sure that the teeth are aligned so as a result the gums and occlusion are perfect. And also give you a beautiful smile. They are braces without wires and you can remove them when you wish to. It gives excellent results in less than a year. Highly recommended, so many advances and so much to offer with a heart of a mother and fingers of an artist what more can you ask for.

A woman dentist is a combination of all this.