Women to Galvanize Entrepreneurship

Women to Galvanize Entrepreneurship

By: Ritu Hasija, Director Corporate, Alniche Lifesciences

Women across the globe are moving out of the constraints of the home and taking up leadership roles in various fields long thought to be entirely male domains.In India the growing community of woman entrepreneurs has been marking their identity, across multiple domains and industries. From conventional woman-friendly enterprises like cottage industries to core industries like Healthcare, Financial institutions, and new-age digital start-ups, women have started holding the reins everywhere irrespective of their financial background. India is home to a diverse set of woman entrepreneurs who have set-up businesses single headedly, according to a recent report, there are around eight million women entrepreneurs and only 10% of all formal enterprises are owned by women. However, India is changing, the rise of female entrepreneurs is not only helping the economic growth but also bringing a change in societal perspective. I have witnessed that the women in the corporate or business bring a huge difference to the table. 

Government Initiatives:

I am delighted that women are coming forward and are progressively establishing themselves in all aspects of social, economic, and political society. Sportspeople, astronauts, politicians, artists, scientists, educators, inventors, and entrepreneurs are among them. Also, the government has stepped up to help the emerging female entrepreneurs with many schemes like - Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women – STEP, Stree Shakti Package, Annapurna Scheme, Udyogini Scheme, Dena Shakti Scheme. These schemes have helped many women to lead an independent life and stand tall on their feet. I believe that in the business world's upper echelons and boardrooms, long-held preconceptions are being challenged.

Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling:

Now when you look around, you see women excelling in studies, corporate and business that have changed the patriarchal psychology and their earnings helped to improved living standard of their homes. Women have come a long way by crossing traditional hurdles though still facing hurdles including lack of access to funding, mentors, and entrepreneurial training.

What’s behind a Successful Woman?

I believe that technology, education, and the internet have played a vital role in the whole process in both metro and other cities for women to become the upcoming leaders. Now besides being a sister, mother or wife, a woman can be an excellent CEO, Manager, Entrepreneur etc. The work environment has changed a lot and the number of women entrepreneurs have increased than ever before in the nation. It gives me immense joy in mentioning some female entrepreneurs from different socio-cultural background likeKiran Mazumdar Shaw:Founder of Biocon, Chetna Gala Sinmha:Founder of Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank, Thinlas Choral, Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company, Falguni Nayar: Founder of Nykaa, Vandana Luthra: Founder of VLCC and many more are settingan examplefor otherfemale entrepreneurs with an assurance that hands of today’s women are not tied, and they are flying high to reach the sky.

Social Media to get Vocal

For women, marketing was formerly one of the greatest roadblocks for all businesses, while today, thanks to the social media and online marketing platforms, it is simple to reach out the customers. In fact, one of the most powerful weapons in the armoury of women entrepreneurs in India is social media. You can now witness women showing their skills of cooking, dancing, sewing, andmarketing their merchandise.

In a nutshell, if you look at the bigger picture, the sudden widening of women entrepreneurs is a welcome step towards achieving gender uniformity across the sectors. Thus, women today have become more likely to start businesses.

About Ritu Hasija:

A core professional, Ritu Hasija has excelled in all rigors to achieve recognition and success in life. Diligently working as Director Corporate at Alniche Lifesciences, this passionate woman has put her heart and soul into Alniche to achieve her dream of shaping Alniche into a global pharma company. As a founder member of Alniche, she charted the path carefully to ensure Alniche is recognized as the fastest-growing company in Indian Pharma Industry. A strong believer in the age-old dictum “No pain, No gain”, she exhibits administrative abilities and strong will to implement thus ensuring disciplined teams work towards common objectives. Her creative streak and divergent thinking helped her shape her career and become a successful entrepreneur. She is an aspiring leader with an indomitable passion and unwavering mindset. A fearless personality with an aptitude for risk-taking, she quit her high-ranking job to get into entrepreneurship at the peak of her career. With her rich experience of the Pharma industry, she started handpicking dedicated professionals who believed in her vision to build Alniche what’s it today. This entrepreneurial journey of 15 years had its own challenges however her strong grit changed these to milestones. Her innovative thinking and creative streak aided her in shaping her profession and becoming a successful businesswoman. She is a leader with an unshakeable mentality and unrelenting passion. She was a bold individual with a proclivity for taking risks, as she left her job at the peak of her career to pursue entrepreneurship.

Following the path of Ritu Hasija, there are many young women that are stepping into the world of business and making their mark.