Toxins to avoid in skin care & hair care products and their organic replacements


A number of big brands who owe seemingly good products may have deeper secrets that they never reveal to you. Much of what we apply on our skin is absorbed and enters the bloodstream. Understanding how to read product labels and understanding them is one of the first steps in avoiding toxic skin care ingredients. Complex names on the back of fancy packaging are a formality; however, one must know some of the most commonly used chemicals which can impact the health of your skin. If you find any of these on your products, get rid of them NOW!

Parabens are a cheap preservative used in a wide range of cosmetic products. Mainly to prevent bacteria, mold, fungus from growing. According to a study, almost 60% of all cosmetic products contain parabens. There are many alternatives to parabens available in the market and are safe to use and just as effective! Vitamin E, antioxidant oils such as almond, avocado, and hemp seed oil etc are some of the best substitutes for Parabens.

Artificial Colorants are another toxin that one should look out for in skin care and hair care products. Petroleum based colorants are usually used to artificially color a cosmetic product, these ingredients contain some chemical properties that can not only cause skin irritation and acne but also lead to allergic reaction on your skin. Plant-derived dyes give beautiful color and are all natural which is a proven alternative to the artificial colors.

Nearly 50% of the products that you use on your body consist of a certain type of Fragrance. The blends of aromatics that make you feel pleasant and which give beauty products their trademark scents are often chemical cocktails. In some cases, these blends are majorly responsible for up to 20% of all allergic reactions to skincare products. Fragrance-free or unscented products and high-quality essential oils are the best alternatives that one should opt for to avoid the toxins.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is one of the most common ingredients used in shampoos, soaps, body washes, and just about anything that creates a thick foam. The ingredient itself is the biggest health concern along with the harmful contaminants they hold. SLS-free formulations, foam-free natural products are the best alternatives that you should go use these chemicals briefly.

Heavy Metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, zinc, chromium and iron are found in a wide variety of personal care products including lipstick, eyeliner, skincare products etc. Exposure to metals has been linked to major health concerns including immune and nervous system toxicity.

In today’s fast paced lives, many of us use chemical products for instant results. The consumers are more inclined towards fast results so that they do not need to invest more time in it. Indeed, one may get tremendous results but they are not long lasting. In reality, natural and organic products are vital for a long-lasting glow and strong hair. Products with natural ingredients go deep inside the roots of skin and hair and remove toxins and impurities. Moreover, one can also try DIY hair and skin masks to avoid toxins in the skincare and haircare products!