Founders Speak: The Makings of a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Founders Speak: The Makings of a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

By: WE Staff

On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, women founders take a look back at their journey and tell us the secret sauce to becoming a successful woman entrepreneur in India. Have a look at their nuggets of wisdom.

The Indian startup ecosystem has grown in stature over the past few years to become the third largest in the world. While the industry has shown great promise and highlighted visionary entrepreneurs, this growth has been rather lopsided. Women are yet to achieve ample representation in the industry.

Entrepreneurship is a tough journey however; it is much tougher for women founders.

Women now lead 18% of businesses in India, according to the Women in India's Startup Ecosystem Report, a considerable increase from 10% in 2017. This expansion reflects a larger trend toward gender equity and professional development in India's burgeoning startup environment.

However, problems remain, with inadequate finance and skewed investor attitudes impeding growth. Despite these challenges, the Indian government's initiatives, such as the Annapurna Scheme and the Udyogini Scheme, demonstrate a commitment to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for female entrepreneurs.

On this Women's Entrepreneurship Day, we celebrate the resilience of Indian women entrepreneurs. The occasion serves as the perfect reminder to highlight the rise of female-led enterprises in India. The day is not only a time to celebrate but also to raise awareness about the significance of gender equality and women's economic empowerment. It stresses women's contributions to economic growth, job creation, and creativity.

Women's Entrepreneurship Day provides an important forum for celebrating these accomplishments and advocating for continuing empowerment in the business environment.

On this momentous occasion, we turned to successful women leaders to look back at their journey and pick out one of the most essential personality traits/characteristics requisite for becoming a successful woman entrepreneur in India.

Take a look at what India’s top women entrepreneurs had to say.

Shreedha Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, T.A.C - The Ayurveda Company

“In my women's entrepreneurial journey, adaptability has proven to be the most essential trait. The business landscape is dynamic, especially in India, and navigating and pivoting in response to changing circumstances is crucial. This trait allows a woman entrepreneur to embrace innovation, learn from challenges, and consistently evolve her strategies. Effective communication and relationship-building skills also play a pivotal role in navigating diverse markets and establishing a solid brand presence. Success as a woman entrepreneur in India is not just about competence in business acumen but also about resilience, adaptability, and the ability to connect with diverse audiences in a rapidly evolving market.”

Madhuri Ganadinni, co-founder, The Tea Planet

“In more than 10 years of my experience in the import-export industry, some of the most essential personality traits that one must have are persistence, creativity, and composure. I believe that in order to become a successful woman entrepreneur, having a strong mindset towards your goals is extremely important. The genesis of my entrepreneurial ambitions goes back to a time when I had the privilege of visiting China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. Witnessing the firsthand intricacies of tapioca and bubble tea production left an indelible mark on me. It was then that I began my journey into manufacturing bubble tea ingredients in India. Throughout my venture, I've discovered showing up every day even when it is hard is the most important thing, And as I continue my path of entrepreneurship, I carry with me the lessons that I have learned all this while”.

Nidhi Gupta, CMO, French Essence

“Understanding and navigating the complex world of entrepreneurship in India has taught me that resilience is the pillar of success. Being a successful entrepreneur is not just about skills and strategy; it’s about how you stand strong through a storm and take setbacks with positivity. Despite being a medical student, my passion for scents changed the complete direction of my life. Turning my passion into my work not only changed my life’s path but became the first step of my entrepreneurial journey. Success isn’t a straight line, and being a woman entrepreneur in India, embracing challenges, and having the courage to redefine norms is not just a choice but a necessity."

Nidhi Sabbarwal, Director & Co-Founder, PRtainment Media and Communication

“I believe that the most essential characteristic that every woman entrepreneur in India must have is the ability and commitment to turn passion into life’s purpose. In the dynamic world of PR and communication, where every word and strategy matters, being driven by a deep love for what you do is the key to overcoming challenges and achieving success. We as women often find ourselves breaking barriers and challenging the norms that society has set for us, but being able to take setbacks as opportunities and turn obstacles into stepping stones is what makes our entrepreneurial journey unique. At PRtainment, we don't just create communication strategies; we craft narratives of resilience,” says

Dishi Somani, Founder, DishiS Designer Jewelry

“Entering on this beautiful entrepreneurial journey, I've discovered that resilience stands as the backbone for a woman entrepreneur in India. In my experience, the ability to rebound from setbacks, break through societal barriers, and leave that prominent place on the business landscape hinges on unwavering resilience. This tenacity, along with my background in jewelry design, fueled the inception of Dishis Jewels. As a woman entrepreneur, traversing the complex fabric of the business world requires resilience that not only propels one forward but also inspires others to defy limitations. The genesis of Dishis Designer Jewelry reflects the fusion of my artistic passion with the entrepreneurial spirit that is ingrained in my upbringing.”

Zaiba Sarang, Co-founder of iThink Logistics

“In Indian entrepreneurship, resilience stands out as an essential trait for women. Personal experience has taught me that navigating the landscape demands adaptability, dedication, passion, purpose, the ability to gain wisdom from setbacks, and unwavering persistence. Success often depends on embracing resilience as the guiding force. As a woman entrepreneur, facing challenges head-on, learning, and persisting with determination is essential. It's not merely about overcoming obstacles; it's about using them as stepping stones toward success in the dynamic business environment of India.”

Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director, Cosmic Nutracos Solutions

“As a woman entrepreneur in India's FMCG sector, I believe the most essential personality trait for achieving success is resilience. The entrepreneurial journey is often fraught with challenges, from navigating regulatory hurdles to overcoming market disruptions. Resilience, the ability to bounce back from setbacks and adapt to changing circumstances, is crucial for enduring these challenges and emerging stronger.

My own experience exemplifies this. I faced initial skepticism from investors and industry peers, who were unsure about a woman leading an FMCG venture. However, my unwavering belief in my vision and the resilience to persevere through these doubts paved the way for my success. Resilience has enabled me to weather storms, embrace change, and continuously strive for excellence. It is the bedrock of my entrepreneurial journey and the key to empowering other women to achieve their business aspirations.”

We hope that hearing from successful women entrepreneurs helps aspiring women founders gain perspective and draw inspiration.