6 Women-Led Decor Brands to Jazz Up Your Home this Festive Season

6 Women-Led Decor Brands to Jazz Up Your Home this Festive Season

By: WE Staff

The festival season is well upon us. It’s also time for us to spruce up our homes to get into the festive spirit. We bring to you a list of interesting and new-age women-led home décor brands that will help you give your home a festive makeover.

Home decor is more than arranging furniture and choosing colors; it's an art form that allows you to express yourself while also creating a warm and inviting environment. What better time to jazz up your living space, than the festival season?

India has recently seen a rise in the number of small-scale home decor brands. Their products are often distinguished by distinctive aesthetics, meticulous attention to detail, and a dedication to quality, making them an excellent choice for those looking to evaluate their interior design.

Women have made a strong mark in the home-décor segment too. Today women-led home decor brands provide you with an abundance of options to help transform your home into a festive haven. Whether you are looking for the perfect pillow, an eye-catching wall arrangement, or a statement piece of furniture, these women-founded brands have got you covered. When it comes to decorating your home, especially during the holidays, you can choose to support these women-led home decor brands.

If you are planning to decorate your home this festive season, consider looking into the offerings of these brands to create a space that not only looks great but also celebrates and supports the creativity of women in the industry.

The Lohasmith

The Lohasmith was founded by Meghna Malik and Karun Malik in 2016. It is a Noida-based online company that designs and manufactures a variety of metal-crafted home decor products. It primarily sells its products through its website. They sell a wide variety of home decor items made of metals such as brass, copper, nickel, and steel as well as other materials such as glass, wood, and leather. Mirror and wall art, accent furniture, wine and bar accessories, photo frames, sculptures, and other products are offered on their website.

Megna Malik is the co-founder of The Lohasmith. She is a passionate designer and artist. Megna started her journey by doing her home decor when the couple moved into their first home. She was highly inspired during her US trip where she noticed a large number of Indians were turning to modern and minimalist designs.

Studio Ekasth

Studio Ekasth is a contemporary design brand based in Jaipur. The founder and director of this firm is Shubhi Jain. Studio Ekasth is a multidisciplinary design studio where each item is a work of distinguished art that is intended to add value and life to homes. They use a beautiful blend of earth's elements to create home decor artifacts.

Studio Ekasth was founded and directed by Shubhi Jain. She is a young woman who is making the world a better place. Aside from being an entrepreneur, she is also known in Indore as a radio jockey and the "dancing traffic girl". In 2019, Shubhi was able to volunteer with the Indore traffic police as a part of her college's social internship program. She expertly manages the traffic along with entertaining people waiting there by performing fun dance moves.

The Wishing Chair

The Wishing Chair is a homegrown Indian brand that creates playfully designed products that celebrate creativity, handcrafted artisanship, and the small pleasures of life. The company was established in 2012 by Vivita and Avneet. They began with a small store in Delhi and now it is well established to become a pan-Indian, design-led retail brand created by women for women. They offer a wide range of products such as home decor, dining products, desk & and stationery, and gift items.

Vivita and Avneet are the co-founders of The Wishing Chair. They have also launched the "Delights of Distraction" newsletters, which are collections of their favorite internet links that provide diversion, inspiration, and solace. They aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible and implement sustainable practices on a daily basis through their packaging, curation, and design.

Kalakaari Haath

Kalakaari Haath is a home decor firm founded by Sahiba Madan that offers a unique yet wide range of products that includes, wallpapers that are PVC-free, odorless, scratch-resistant, and eco-friendly, wall decals that can be applied directly to the walls for decoration, cushions with unique designs, curtains premium line of and sheers with unique designs, custom made wall art with meticulous detail, and upholstery fabrics.

Sahiba has completed her Bachelor's in Architecture where she conducted an intensive research study on traditional building crafts of India and hand-illustrated a series of postcards as documentation. These were the inspirations for establishing Kalakaari Haath.


Founded by Aanchal Goel in 2015, Objectry is a company that appreciates and celebrates the simplicity of design. They have faith in the sensibility that allows a material to lend itself to design. The approach taken, combined with Indian artisanship, results in work that is utilitarian yet distinct. They have a diverse product line that includes furniture, decor, kitchen items, and more.

Aanchal is an average designer with a keen eye for detail and as the founder of Objectry, she has successfully experimented with form and material while exploring different techniques to create exquisite pieces for modern homes.

Aanchal mentions, I admire so many great artists and designers across history who have grown modern design to what it is today, that it is difficult to list them. The fierce experiments of Frank Gehry to the subtlety of Lou Kahn. There is never a dearth of materials and people to be inspired by.

“The need is to promote conscious consumerism, which is why we believe in buy less, buy good, buy for keep”

Our customers identify with our products uniquely because of the geometric aesthetic. Our native materials and crafts make it culturally relevant for the audience. A play of geometry and textures makes it a good fit for Modern Indian homes.

Sage Living

The luxury lifestyle brand situated in Hyderabad, Sage Living Home & Decor Private Limited specializes in furniture, lighting, and home decor. Keerthi Tummala's entrepreneurial vision laid the foundation of this brand in 2018. The aesthetic of the brand is minimal and timeless, with universal design appeal.

The brand represents the potential of Indian craftsmanship by consistently pushing all known boundaries. It collaborates with architects, designers, stylists, and retailers all over the world to understand and realize their design visions.

Keerti Tummala has completed her bachelor's in Fashion & Textile Design, in Milan. She has prior work experience at Designer Armani Exchange and Designer JC Penny. Keerthi has also been featured in the Top 50 Indian Luxury's Most Powerful Women 2022 by Luxe Book for her designs.