Women Founded Company Of The Year 2021

Women Founded Company Of The Year - 2021

There is no doubt that women are multi-tasker and more organised as compared to their make counterparts. Gone are the days when they were only restricted to shouldering the responsibilities of housework and child-care. The women of today is successfully carrying out her professional responsibilities as well.

Times are changing and women across the world are taking on leadership roles in the positions previously considered an exclusively male domain. This century is witnessing a roaring tide of women empowerment with women breaking the age-old stereotypes. The number of female entrepreneurs has grown rapidly and the gender gap has narrowed to an all-time low of less than 2 per cent, over the last two years. The number of women entrepreneurs has more than doubled over the past two decades. In the formal sector, approximately 37 per cent of enterprises globally are represented by women-owned entities.

Women have a natural tendency towards cooperation and consideration of others' concerns. When it comes to dealing with people they are more flexible and empathetic. Qualities such as these have been aiding them in becoming successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic that shook the entire economy, women have managed their responsibilities at the workplace very well. The success of businesswomen is highly appreciable and encouraging as these women are heroes to many others who are striving for business success. As predicted by the statistics, the number of women will continue to rise in the workforce.

By looking at today's trends one can safely say that women will be the main drive for entrepreneurial growth in the future.

Our mandate at Women Entrepreneur Magazine has always been to highlight exemplary women leaders. In keeping with our motto, the current issue of the Women Entrepreneur Magazine features a list of `Women Founded Company of the Year 2021'. Compiled by a panel of industry veterans, CEOs, CXOs and the Women Entrepreneur Magazine editorial team, the list features prolific women who have not only crafted illustrious and innovative businesses. Not only have they proven their metel as entrepreneurs but have also played a key role in contributing towards the burgeoning Indian economy.