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Top 10 Women Leaders In Bangalore - 2023

The IT capital Undergoes Womanization

Bangalore is the IT capital of India and is often popular as the Silicon Valley that houses several big players in technology and services. With 40 percent of India’s IT industry located in Bangalore, the city is among the most favored destination for IT and other knowledge-based industries. The city’s IT and related services account for about 55 percent of Karnataka’s state gross domestic product. But unfortunately female representation falls short when it comes to IT. Gartner reflects, only 31 percent of IT employees are women, making it a high-time for women to jump into something new and work with latest innovation and tools.

With revolutions in industries and mankind, the role of women today has been changed significantly, but definitely for the betterment of the society. Big thanks to the increasing number of well-known organizations as they are the trend drivers towards women in leadership position and providing gender equality a paramount importance to minimize the gender gap. Now women are able to find a world that is driven by performance and results, and there are opportunities in it for anyone with the right skills to rise to the top regardless of gender. Women are now self-sufficient, well aware and financially independent. They have attained immense success in every field, whether it is sports, politics or academics. Finally the world is now witnessing women increasingly gaining power in the corporate world that had been previously denied to them.

Our endeavour at Women Entrepreneur Magazine has always been to highlight remarkable women leaders across geographies and industries. In keeping with our motto, the current issue of the Women Entrepreneur Magazine features a list of ‘Top 10 Women Leaders in Bangalore - 2023'. Compiled by a panel of industry veterans, CEOs, CXOs and the Women Entrepreneur Magazine editorial team, the list features prolific women who have not only crafted illustrious and innovative businesses, but have proven their mettle as leaders across the diverse businesses playing a key role in contributing towards strengthening the workforce.