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Top 10 Women Founders of Online Organic Product Companies - 2022

Today, the customers are more aware of themselves as well as the effects of each product they are using or each food they intake. Millennials and GenZ tend to spend more on beauty and skincare essentials when compared to their previous generations. They are the most self educated generation, and these skin connoisseurs have evolved with extensive research through existing reviews and discussion groups across social media platforms, e-Commerce sites, and blogs before buying them.  Researches show that they often consult dermatologist and always follows from basic skin care routine to experimenting with specific skin-care product to various advanced skin care practices.

However, the daily news stories of side effects caused by the use of chemicals, fertilizers and synthetic products have stimulated customers to shift to natural organic product and have evoked immense self love within them. Many started accepting their skin type and started to boldly exhibit their natural skin type through unedited photos and are opting for skinmalism rather than going for cosmetics. People started to be more careful with food habits also. Most  of the youngsters being aware of the affects of chemicals used in the farming, are now opting for organic products. They also believe that organic food will nurture the body, skin and beauty from inside. Hence, there has been an overall hype for organic products. Millennials and GenZ are more active, experimental and curious about the formulation of the products and whether it's sustainable and environmental friendly.

The pandemic time created immense opportunity for many small online organic products entrepreneurs to grow and establish themselves due to the closing down of brick and mortar shops. This has given time for many millenials and Gen-z to research about various products and ingredients in them.

In this issue, Women Entrepreneur brings a list of `Top 10 Women Founders of Online Organic Product Companies - 2022'. These women have utilized appropriate opportunity to generate an idea for business from their passion. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board.