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Top 10 Indian Women Leaders In UK - 2022

We often tend to confuse leadership with being goal-oriented, however leadership is generally a human factor which binds a group together and motivates it towards goals. It means a lot more than just understanding people, being nice to people’, or not ‘pushing other people around’. Effective leadership means aiming for a goal’s achievement taking a long-term interest into the development process and tapping into individual motivations of people involved. Unfortunately, there is also another factor that influences this leadership trait, and that is gender bias. Though, the world has transformed long time now, and gender inclusivity is prevailing all round, but even now people think women aren’t that capable as a leader, when it comes to heading or supervising certain wing/department of a company. The women leadership has always been perceived as abortive. Male employees have quite sparsely preferred being led by a women leader, be it from a Team lead’s level, or Managers, or HRs, or others. They have often been differentiated and had to face biases in getting leadership roles, foremost when there’s a male competing against them.

However, as it’s said that talent and curiosity to learn & grow knows no bounds, women leaders of today have been successfully deterring such thoughts of people, establishing their significant-self’s presence across national and international levelsdemonstrating their achievements not only in a group, but positioning themselves at the C-suite levels as CEOs, CTOs, CHROS, CPOs, CFOs, CMOs, MDs, and more, followed by taking up entrepreneurial roles. Breaking out the shackles of generic social prejudices and traditional/stereotyped norms, they are many globally renowned women, today pertaining to their prolific achievements, driving a new wave of workforce revolution across industries, be it amidst marketing, technology, finance, fashion, education, sports, O&G, construction & architecture, machineries & manufacturing, or other sectors. Even if the numbers are not loud enough today to boast, gradually it is speaking up for itself, pretty coherently.

Though, it has been pretty difficult for the women leaders in the UK to scuffle through the male dominations at workplace and reach the tip of iceberg, and acquire leadership roles, the present is seemingly bright and applauding compared to the old times. Not only the resident women of UK, but Indian women leaders too have been poising their acknowledgeable accomplishments there in the UK region. At present times, there are many Indian women recognized as the Executive leaders/Entrepreneurs of numerous organizations across the UK. They are the true inspiration for the women of India, and in fact globally for others as well.

In this issue, the Women Entrepreneur magazine brings in to spotlight a list of 'Top 10 Indian Women Leaders in UK - 2022'. The list has been crafted by a team of, CEOs, VCs and our editorial board, thus delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of a powerful nation.