WIN & ANVAY Join Forces on Harassment & Discrimination

WIN & ANVAY Join Forces on Harassment & Discrimination

By: WE Staff | Friday, 17 November 2023

Women Inspiring Network (WIN) has partnered with ANVAY for a transformative global dialogue addressing harassment and discrimination. The collaboration coincides with the milestone 10th anniversary of the POSH law, marking a significant initiative for positive change.

The ANVAY Global Dialogue, spanning two days, brings together experts and voices from prestigious institutions worldwide. Notable participants include representatives from the United Nations, UNICEF, the National Commission for Women (NCW), and Harvard University. This collaborative effort aims to delve into critical conversations surrounding harassment and discrimination, shedding light on diverse perspectives and solutions.

Stuti Jalan, Founder of WIN, expressed pride in WIN's role as a media partner, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to advancing women's rights. This partnership underscores WIN's dedication to fostering a world free from discrimination and promoting equality.

The central theme of the conference revolves around crucial issues of harassment and discrimination, with 14-panel topics addressing specific sub-topics. These include women's safety, child safety, the well-being of young adults, and the role of universities. The comprehensive exploration of these subjects promises to contribute significantly to the ongoing dialogue on these critical societal issues.

ANVAY's commitment to a global perspective is exemplified by video insights from experts across the globe, representing countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Kenya, Indonesia, the USA, the UK, and Australia.

This inclusive approach underscores the universality of the issues at hand and emphasizes the necessity for a collaborative international effort to effect meaningful change.

The distinguished speakers at the event include Rachel DiBella, Associate Director at Harvard University; Arvind Rao, Advocate, Supreme Court of India; and Ju'Riese Colόn, CEO of the U.S. Centre for SafeSport, among others. These experts will contribute their insights on thought-provoking panels, offering a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the challenges and solutions related to harassment and discrimination.

The ANVAY Global Dialogue stands out not only for its critical examination of prevalent issues but also for its international collaboration and commitment to fostering open and honest discussions. Scheduled for December 8th and 9th, 2023, from 10 AM to 6 PM IST, the virtual conference will serve as a platform for meaningful conversations and collective action to drive positive change.

This collaboration underscores the power of collective efforts in addressing pervasive issues and creating a more inclusive and equitable world for women globally.