The SheThePeople Digital Women Awards, given by Google and powered by Colors, are India's largest programme for female entrepreneurs, and the winners for 2021 have been announced. Cities such as Bareilly, Siliguri, Nashik, Calicut, Wayanad, Jammu, Ludhiana, and the metros all submitted bids. Prizes this year range from breaking into new industries such as climate change and environmentally friendly products to new age experiential marketing companies.

During the COVID pandemic, there was a spike in female entrepreneurship, even if most of them remain outside of the organised sector and hence aren't counted in the economic process. Fortunately, this is changing as female entrepreneurs work hard to expand their businesses, reach new customers, and deliver items all over the world.

In India's financial development story, women wield the most power. Because women are so important to our labour force, if we as a country simply shifted our focus to creating an equal playing field for women, the country's economy might expand much more quickly.

According to McKinsey, the country's economic output could increase by $770 billion, or over 18 percent, by 2025 simply by providing equal opportunities to male and female workers. Women can contribute to the economy as job seekers as well as job creators, for example, through entrepreneurship. The force that women bring to the table as a result of how swiftly they have absorbed the power of digital growth has been a big development component.

SheThePeople’s Founder, Shaili Chopra says, “Indian women make for half the country’s population and 10% of the world’s population. As a country, we have to find a way to employ and meaningful engage such a strong potential workforce. One big way of doing that is to encourage entrepreneurship among women.”

Chopra adds, “COVID has forced people to think ‘disruption’ and women have shown agility and flexibility in taking on change by switching to digital and using it for enterprise and small business growth.”