Kerala Higher Education Minister proposes a 60-day Maternity leave for Women over the age of 18

By: WE Staff | Friday, 20 January 2023

R Bindu, Kerala's higher education minister, declared that female students over the age of 18 would receive a 60-day maternity leave.

"Girl students over the age of 18 may take a maximum of 60 days off for childbirth. In contrast to the previous requirement of 75%, the necessary attendance percentage for female students will now be 73%, which includes menstruation leave. According to Higher Education Minister R Bindu, the directive has been issued in this regard.

Earlier, Bindu stated that the Cochin University of Science and Technology recently declared that the government is considering extending menstruation leaves in all state universities (CUSAT).

The CUSAT declared that it will provide its female students with menstruation leaves.

In a news statement from her office, Bindu stated, "Considering the emotional and physical challenges faced by female students during menstruation, the Kerala government is considering to extend this to all universities under the State Higher Education Department."

According to the statement, menstrual leave was adopted in the CUSAT as a result of a demand from the student union, which was spearheaded by SFI.

On proposals for "menstruation perks," the CUSAT on Saturday announced an additional 2% of tolerance for female students' low enrollment in each semester.

Typically, only those students who have attended 75% of the total working days are permitted to take each semester exam. The required attendance for female students would drop to 73% if menstruation leave was granted, which would provide for a 2% excuse for absence.

The Vice-Chancellor recently received a formal proposal from the CUSAT Students Union and other student organisations. After the proposal was approved, an order was issued, according to the university.