It’s almost six years since Hilary Clinton quoted, “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world”. Nothing much has changed since then as the world still seems to be patriarchal and more men are running the show. Whether it’s politics or the business world, men still have an upper hand when it comes to trusting them for their skills & decisions. Though the scene is changing, but at a snail’s pace.

Entrepreneurship is yet another sphere of the business world where women have some extra hurdles to overcome, some extra hours to work and some extra efforts to make to tell the world their story. Together it takes much more ‘extras’ for them to convince the world that they have the ability to make positive dent in not just the world of entrepreneurship but also in their country’s economy, employment graph and social responsibility. But there are some good news doing the round. Some of the researches now substantiate that women are better managers, and excel in multi-tasking. Some even mention that women with their dexterity to successfully balance work and home are outpacing men.

Especially in the past one year since the pandemic hit us worst, and we started working from home, women just moved a ladder up in balancing work and home. We all must have seen pictures, heard stories and/or have someone we know, holding their baby in their one arm while doing office work from the other, their baby sleeping on their lap and they still awake at midnight again doing their office work. For those who have two babies, one their kid and the other one their startup, it was indeed a tough challenge balancing both.

However, such situations have made them stronger and more prone to multi-tasking while being the master of many skills. Though women entrepreneurs do not need any certification for the hard work they do, but it is always good when other recognize your efforts. Several researches and studies on startups across the world confirmed that female-led organizations generate more revenues than those run by men. Some research also claims that women are more competent leaders than men. They are the master of resilience, teamwork, business execution, problem solving skills, innovation and much more. Indeed they are the pivotal components of powerful entrepreneurs and these should be enough to decide their capability instead of their gender. Some women leaders who have proved this are Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Kalpana Saroj, Vandana Luthra, Aarthi Subramanian, Aruna Jayanthi, Neelam Dhawan, Roshni Nadar and many more.

Some research highlight that companies led by females generate 35 percent higher RoI than the organizations run by men. So what makes them bring so much back to the organization? It is their ability to focus on each component and department of the organization in a compartmentalized way, thus ensuring each department functions with utmost efficiency. On the other hand, women entrepreneurs are also considered as people’s leader as they connect with their employees and colleagues emotionally. One can say they are the master of emotional intelligence.

These traits and others put them at a higher pedestal than men in the world of entrepreneurship. However, they still need to wait for the industry to recognize their work and efforts and crown them with being equally or more competent than men. Though they do not need any such recognition to do what they do, but entrusting a little faith and recognizing their efforts will surely give them an extra dose of power.