Danfoss India, a firm focused on energy efficiency and climate solutions, announced that it has started a career support programme for female students attending government-run schools in Tamil Nadu.

According to a business statement, Danfoss India and AVTAR Human Capital Trust are working together on "Project Puthri" to mentor female students at a government higher secondary school in Panruti.

The program's goal is to identify female students and provide them with the training and skills they need to find employment, according to a statement from the company.

“Education and empowerment of girl students and enhancing the employability rate of women in the workforce is one of our diversity and inclusion goals...we look forward to welcoming several of our Puthri scholars as Danfoss employees in the long run,” Danfoss India’s Director Anju Mary Kuruvilla said.

According to the press release, the initiative also offers the ladies unique classes taught by academics, career advice from qualified mentors, and scholarships for higher education.

A family-owned business, Danfoss places a high value on philanthropy and social responsibility. Danfoss provides services to clients in more than 100 countries and enjoys market-leading positions. Through a number of programmes, Danfoss India has been interacting with students all around the nation. One such programme is the University Engagement Program, which has been created expressly to encourage students to explore engineering and manufacturing as aspirational career choices.

The non-profit Avtar Human Capital Trust (AHCT) promotes the economic empowerment of women. A developmental programme called Project Puthri was started under the umbrella of AHCT with the goal of fostering career intentionality among disadvantaged girl students between the ages of 13 and 18.