In Gulabi Goan, Nashik, Maharashtra, the organisation has just started a brand-new project called the Village Development Program.

Child Help Foundation hopes to improve the quality of life for families in rural areas through this programme by helping them find work and raise their children. Even though the community is a rural one in Nashik, the women there are incredibly forward-thinking, independent, and diligent.

Instead of relying on their male family members, they believe in working for their own livelihood. When the Child Help Foundation crew realised that every house was pink-painted, they became aware of this. The colour has a long history of being connected to the concept of women's empowerment.

A business hub and skill development centre have been established by Child Help Foundation and IIFL Foundation. They started this programme to empower women in the villages. By preparing to establish a Bazaar Haat in the Business Hub, where 10 stores will be allotted to the women villagers so they may sell their handmade goods, they have advanced the development by giving the locals a new source of income.

To close the gap, a link will be built through this programme between the urban and rural parts of the societies.

104 persons in all participated in the programme. Children and young people in this hamlet will also receive computer training, which will open up prospects for them to start both online and offline businesses.

Dr. Bharati Pawar, India's Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, remarked, "I am happy to see how Child Help Foundation is working for children and women in tribal areas. The organization is not waiting for any external support but rather continuing with its good work. It is one dedicated NGO that aims to bring in new projects for helping the people of tribal communities across India and they are a huge help to the government. We all thank them for this consistent effort!".

Emphasizing the importance of this initiative, Spokesperson and CEO of Child Help Foundation (CHF), Shaji Varghese said "When we have the privilege to help our fellow countrymen succeed we should do our part and we at Child Help Foundation believe that rural development is the pillar to the development of the country and by ensuring that, we strengthen the Indian economy and self-reliance. Child Help Foundation thanks the Government of India, Government of Maharashtra, IIFL Foundation and all other stakeholders".

The Gulabi Gaon and Nashik district's rural residents have high expectations for this project. The people have expressed a great deal of gratitude for the project concept and believe that fresh prospects bring new optimism. They believe that this project will give them new opportunities and a better standard of living, which will lessen the number of villagers leaving their village for other towns and cities in quest of employment and educational opportunities for their kids.

In addition to offering emergency medical care to children with terminal illnesses and humanitarian help, Child Help Foundation (CHF) is dedicated to attaining sustainable development goals, such as gender equality, education, water and sanitation, and cleanliness. The NGO also strives to increase projects that contribute to the improvement of society.