Going into the AFC Asian Cup next year, the ultimate goal for the Indian women’s football team is to have the best preparation but the three-nation tournament starting from November 26 in Brazil is also paramount for them.

“Brazil are, of course, a very big side. They have so much experience of playing tough opposition, and I’m sure they are going to play at a high level. It will be a good experience to carry this experience into the Asian Cup, and we will use this experience to push forward together,” said midfielder Indumathi Kathiresan.

Goalkeeper Aditi Chauhan weighed in about the importance of playing such matches to prepare for big tournaments, with Brazil set to be the seventh country where they set foot on the turf.

“I think these international matches are very helpful to the team. Not only to be able to play alongside each other but also to understand each other. In the past as well we have gained a lot of experience, and we are looking forward to the same in the upcoming ones in Brazil,” Aditi said.

The ultimate aim for the team is to use these matches as a Launchpad to prepare for the AFC Asian Cup.

“Just the opportunity to travel to different countries and play against teams will help us reflect on our performances individually and as a team. They also help us work towards our goals and to be aware of what needs to be worked on, the areas we need to improve, heading into the Asian Cup,” Indumathi added.

Defender Dalima Chhibber believes that all three matches will be played at an extremely fast pace and is one player who has had the opportunity to play in the Western Hemisphere in recent times.

“I’ve had the experience of sharing the field with players from South America when I had played in Canada. I can tell you that players from this part of the world are extremely skilful, and the teams tend to play at a very fast pace,” Chhibber informed.

“They have a lot of experienced players as well, but we will be going ahead to put our best foot forward. We are preparing for something bog – if we do well in the Asian Cup, we can qualify for the World Cup as well. So the focus remains on that.”