20 Year Old Bengaluru Girl Serves as the deputy British High Commissioner for a Day

By: WE Staff | Wednesday, 12 October 2022

As part of an annual effort launched by the British High Commissioner to recognise International Day of the Girl Child, a 20-year-old engineering student in the city was given the chance to serve as the deputy British High Commissioner for a day. The student, Medha Koppam, told TNIE that she was looking forward to the day, which began with staff meetings and encounters with people from different social groups, which offered her an understanding of how a deputy high commissioner functions.

In terms of empowering women, she suggested using technology to find solutions, as it may hasten growth.

Her firm, "Meviku," which aims to improve mental health, offer an inclusive platform and individualised healing to individuals in need, has already begun to work toward that mission. She thinks that giving women the chance to carry out activities while holding a position with a variety of duties will increase their exposure, awareness, and education while also motivating them to become leaders.

In the meantime, two girls were chosen by the state department of youth empowerment and sports and given the chance to work as youth sports officers for a day. After holding the posts for a day, Pavithra U (20) from Bengaluru Urban and Chaithanya C (18) from Bengaluru Rural described it as a "great chance." Chaithanya declared that she wants to work as an IAS officer.

In any circumstance, Pavithra urged all women to seize every chance that presents themselves.

She noted that it's critical for women to voice their ideas and demand equality. In order to give everyone an opportunity, this programme will continue and be reproduced in other states, according to Dr. Andrew Fleming, officer in charge of the Karnataka and Kerala divisions. The goal, according to him, is to advance equality and universal access to education.