The Mob: A New-Age Communication Agency Ensuring Impeccable Brand Solutions

Chraneeta Mann

A pulsating industry of the 21st century, the advertising domain has emerged as a prominent hub for woman entrepreneurs owing to its versatility and challenging nature. Women have an instinct for multi-tasking and an intuitive foresight that does come in handy while spearheading start-ups, specifically in the niche arena of advertising and marketing. Eager to address the novel industry demands, Chraneeta Mannalong with the Co-Founder at The Mob, Nitin Suri has been part of this rejigging of communication through their new age communication agency The Mob, ensuring brand solutions on the 'all in one' platform of the 'personal screen'.

From vocal music training with Jagjit Singh - the ghazal singer to stumbling upon a talent for Voice overs and jingles as great means to finance her early years in Mumbai, Chraneeta Mannrealized that not only she could use that experience to be an ‘advertising professional’ but also handle ad agency offices through some very tough times. Engaging in an exclusive interactive session with the Women Entrepreneur magazine, Chraneeta Mann highlights the various factors which contributed to her journey to craft a strong brand - The Mob.

1. Along with your educational and professional background, explain your current role at the mob. How are you leveraging the best of these elements across your company’s operations?

My degree of Masters in Economics has helped me in the business aspect of running an ad agency. As a creative person who is also Co-Founder, one needs to be more than a creative solution provider, the solutions offered must be ones that creatively result in growth and up scaling of the client’s business. In that scenario, it is quite helpful to have a head for numbers and an understanding of the economic impact of events on businesses. My experience in music, dubbing, and writing jingles have provided me with an edge in scriptwriting that stood me in good stead during my professional career which started with the scripting of the first Airtel AR Rehman film many years ago. I am happy that the signature tune created then, continues to define the brand even today.

“The mob has always been extremely strong in ideation and finding just that right balance of creative solutions that are great business solutions as well”

2. What inspired you to establish the mob? Also, brief us about the spectrum of services that your company offers?

As the prior National Creative Head of a large network agency, my role increasingly involved growing the agency business and handling client management as well. This equipped me to explore this business side of my creative role for my-start-up. Moreover, I witnessed a deceleration by the traditional agency model and felt that the future of the industry was integrated, with a strong requirement for quicker solutions, more in-the-moment creative thinking, as well as interactive and engaging ideas across a far wider spectrum of communication channels than just traditional mediums. An agency that could offer more agile, holistic brand solutions to businesses in the mobile & digital space was just the need gap, and voila, The Mob was born. Today we amplify the brand idea to the emergent technology-connected consumers through mediums relevant to them - as social media, interactive app and website design, virtual technology, mobile films or online films, and so on.

3. How do you differentiate your offerings from the others in the market?

The Mob has always been extremely strong in ideation and finding just that right balance of creative solutions that are great business solutions as well. Brands like The Oberoi- Mumbai, Trident, Rajingandha Silver Pearls, Pass Pass, Hero Electronix, Jindal Stainless have placed their trust in us. Some of our clients have trusted us with the launch of their business pretty much from the scratch, as we also have a really strong understanding of effective go-to-market planning, brand strategy, identity design and more. Our past career experience of spearheading brand launches like PVR, IffcoTokio, W apparel or even the various Airtel launches, helped sharpen our brand strategic skills even before we set up The Mob. Today, The Mob is a fully integrated agency with three clear verticals of Design, Mainline and Digital/Mobile and our strategic and communication solutions seamlessly straddle all.

4. What were the major challenges that you encountered during your journey at the mob and how did you manage to overcome them?

The Mob has been quite a revelation. As two creative Co-Founders, the challenge on me and Nitin Suri has been to wear multiple hats of the owner, creative boss, manager, HR head, admin head - something every entrepreneur will understand. It’s a journey that takes commitment and a lot of your personal time.

5. How has been the company’s growth and what is the future roadmap set ahead?

We have been very fortunate in the portfolio of brands that we have built at The Mob. What is even more heartening is the long relationships that we have had with our businesses, a true sign of good abiding partnerships. Our clients are happy to refer us to other businesses, which in turn is the best endorsement anyone can have! The 10 months of COVID have seen us growing with almost 5 new businesses being won in just the last three months. So, we are very optimistic about the future.

Chraneeta Mann, Co-Founder, The Mob

Ex National Creative Director of Rediffusion Y&R, Chraneeta Mann holds 19+ years of experience in creating over 200 ad commercials. Having been part of many internationally and nationally acclaimed campaigns, she has been awarded with multiple national & international awards, including the ‘Best Copywriting' award at the London International Awards. The only Indian on the Grand Jury of New York Ad Festivals 2015, Chraneeta has been twice on the Jury of New York Festivals and ABBYs and has also worked at JWT, Leo Burnett and Dentsu in the past.


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