Sampurna Ganguly: Creating A Healthier Environment Through Her Eco-Friendly Products

Sampurna Ganguly: Creating A Healthier Environment Through Her Eco-Friendly Products

Sampurna Ganguly

For years, Indian manufacturers and handicraft suppliers have provided items & accessories that are made of environment-friendly materials & are long & durable. Keeping these things in mind, Sampurna Ganguly founded SilkyKraftz which deals with sustainable & eco-friendly reusable Indian items such as hand-tooled pure leather items, jute bags, Kantha stitch items, & Bamboo goods as well as handcrafted items. The firm is creating a niche for these Indian eco-friendly and reusable items while delivering sustainable, reusable, & eco-friendly products to its clients both in India & in the international markets.

Sampurna Ganguly is an engineering graduate and she has completed her Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from the All-India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi. Before starting her own company, she worked with various multinational IT companies & she has a specialization in website development.

Sampurna Ganguly engages in an exclusive interaction with Women Entrepreneur Magazine. Here’s the highlight.

Take Us Through Your Early Educational Journey And Prior Industry Experience.

I have done my graduation with an engineering background & I completed my PGDM from AIMA. Before starting our company, I worked in several multinational IT companies for several years. My specialization has been website development & leading teams across different verticals. This experience has helped me in leading our in-house technical & digital marketing team.

What Led To You Establishing Silkykraftz? Tell Us About The Underlying Idea Behind The Company And Some Of Its Most Unique Features.

While traveling both in India & abroad, we have found that there is a great demand for handmade sustainable Indian items but the supply is not enough. For example, Indian handcrafted items are not available in the European market, and similarly, not all North Indian items are readily available in South India & vice versa. At the same time, traditional Indian items have always been eco- friendly & perfect for a sustainable lifestyle but of late there has been a tendency to use one-time-use plastic products because these are more convenient to use, readily available, & cheaper. These items are not only toxic to the environment but they are also harmful to humans, which is why we are trying to create a market for those eco-friendly and Indian reusable items.

Our customers get sustainable, reusable, & ecofriendly products from us that are not only durable, eyecatching, & exclusive, but also value for money. Other than the in-house artisans we outsource some of our custom ethnic items made with Indian Cork, Bamboo, or terracotta to award-winning artists. I would like to add that we always use green packaging like reusable paper, cloth, or jute bags because plastic packaging is a strict no for our company.

"Customers trust us to Fulfil their shopping Needs & they believe that Our brand will cater to Their exact requirements"

Tell Us About Some Pressing Challenges That You Encounter And How You Successfully Overcome Them.

The market is flooded with different items which are non-eco-friendly, and cheaper, even though there are so many options available. Also, sustainable Indian items typically cost a bit more than their non-eco-friendly counterparts. Therefore, the most challenging aspect is to spread awareness about the benefits of ecofriendly Indian products. However, thankfully the new generation of customers, especially the millennials, are very much aware of the negative impact of carbon footprints. They want value-for-money eco-friendly products and good customer service as well as the assurance that the items are sourced responsibly and fair price regulations are used. Since we guarantee all of these services, they trust our brand.

What Has Been Your Most Remarkable Achievement So Far And What Is The Driving Force Behind Your Success? How Do You Foresee The Indian E-Commerce Industry Evolving Going Forward?

Customers trust us to fulfill their shopping needs & they believe that our brand will cater to their exact requirements. This is the most fulfilling achievement for us. Other than that, of course, all of the recognitions and awards boost our brand value and increase awareness about the SilkyKraftz.

The Indian e-commerce industry is going to boom shortly because it is very convenient to shop and get delivery from the comfort of one’s place. Also, after COVID consumers have become more comfortable with online shopping & trust e-commerce sites to fulfill their needs.

What Would Be Your Advice To Young Women Who Also Aspire To Become Entrepreneurs In The Future?

Entrepreneurship is a full-time profession, unlike a salaried job; at least for the first few years. So, they should check all the pros and cons before starting the journey, as it will take a lot of time & a good business plan to succeed. Every successful business is the result of great teamwork and it is very important to select the correct people for the correct job role.

Sampurna Ganguly, Founder, Silkykraftz

Sampurna ganguly is an engineering graduate and she has completed her postgraduate diploma in management (pgdm) from all india management association (aima), new delhi. She is very fond of ecofriendly products which led her to found silkykraftz company