Riddhi Vijay: An Angel Helping Couples Build Happy Homes

Riddhi Vijay

Whenever you are stuck in between the lines, you always look for a true companion; a shoulder to lean on. However, for many couples today, keeping up a healthy relationship itself has become complicated. Whether you have just got married or have been married for years, you are bound to have disagreements and your own fair share of ups and downs. But it is unfair when marriage over time becomes just a responsibility beyond growth, love, and affection. If you've been facing such trouble in your relationship, then take cues from Riddhi and Vijay - India’s first power couple mentors who are striving to turn every ordinary couple into a power couple.

In an exclusive conversation with Women Entrepreneur India, Riddhi speaks about family, peace, self-confidence, careful parenting, and more. Kindly peruse the excerpts that take us through 15 years of her married life and how this couple is successfully helping thousands of families.

What prompted the establishment of VijuGujju?

As they say, most impactful business ideas come out of personal experience, the story of VijuGujju was also born out of our personal experience. Being married for nearly 15 years, our life has been a rollercoaster ride with several happy times and uncertainties, of course. But each of these experiences carried understanding, mutual respect, consciousness, value, and growth.

We have been through fights, tears, challenges, and were able to overcome all these pain. It somehow felt more relatable while listening to others' stories as well. And, I figured out that my purpose is to help couples who are going through similar challenges. I shared this idea with my husband, and he found a lot of value in equipping couples to take their relationship to the next level and conquer the challenges.

We believe that a successful couple is a healthy couple in mind, body, and spirit. Our life taught us several things, and we wanted to put it all together to create a world of Power Couples who inspire each other to lead healthier, happier, and more purposeful lives.

How are you trying to help married couples through VijuGujju Enterprise?

Attaining the healthy stage of a relationship is always a work in progress. It needs continuous & conscious learning along with appreciation of each other's values, beliefs, and individuality. A power couple is a pair who deeply communicate with each other, be it their feelings, emotions, fears, differences, or successes, without worrying that they would be prejudged.

Founded in 2021 with the powerful aim of empowering couples, we mentor them and share our experience and knowledge to help them learn the key skills that are required to have a truly happy and fulfilling marriage. We are currently launching various programs and workshops that make couples forge stronger and deeper relationships.

What pain points are you addressing through your mentorship?

Unfortunately, schools and colleges prepare us for jobs and entrepreneurship, but no one teaches relationship building, which is an important life skill. We often learn these skills with our experiences, surroundings, and the conditioning we have been through in our childhood. We tend to get into conflicts because of those different ideologies we gained from our experiences.

A study by Carnegie Mellon University says that people who have supportive spouses have a higher chance to be successful in life. It’s very evident that supportive life partners are crucial for individual growth and success. But couples are stuck because of their limiting beliefs, lack of open communication, lack of sincerity, ego, misaligned priorities, and taking each other for granted. To bridge this gap, we have created a concept that helps couples travel a journey of self-realization and understand their core values through a six-step activity to become made for each other. Our book Mad(e) for each other which was launched in Feb 2021, clearly explains this six step activity.

“Vijugujju recently launched a one-of-a-kind show called the mad for each other show; a show for couples, with couples, and hosted by a couple”

What is the unique value proposition you offer to your clients and society?

We are not only focused on an individual in the marriage, but also on both partners and their families as one complete ecosystem. Speaking of marriage and relationship, it is not just a matter of two individuals but families and generations. Only a strong couple can create a stronger next generation. If you have ever observed children from unhappy marriages, you will realize that they are usually anxious, self doubting, frustrated, lost, self-centred individuals who don't have any clarity on their values and purpose. This happens when the parents are not respecting each other's beliefs and are always at loggerheads. Children will follow whatever you are doing and you cannot preach what you don't practice. That is why we formed this movement of creating a world of power couples, where they can lead healthier, happier, more purposeful lives, thereby teaching their next generation and raising kids who are confident with a lot of core values and purpose.

Apart from this, working together as a couple itself is a unique aspect of VijuGujju. We work together as a team and conduct private sessions and couple workshops, helping them realize the dynamics of their relationship and how to make it better.

Riddhi Vijay, Founder, Vijugujju

Riddhi is an engineer by qualification and has worked at many leading global MNCs from the IT Industry for over 12 years. She has dabbled across various entrepreneur ventures including network marketing, non-invasive pain management, and food industry, to name a few. She has co-authored the book Mad(e) for Each Other, an Amazon Best Seller along with her husband Vijay.

Riddhi is actively involved in co-creating the frameworks and concepts that would transform a relationship. She loves exploring her passion for modeling and has won several pageants in India. Recently, she is one of the finalists in the Mrs. Singapore Beauty Queen Pageant 2021 and was awarded the Mrs. Photogenic and the Mrs. Beauty With A Heart sub-titles in Singapore.


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