Neha K Bisht: An Augmenter For Successful Branding Campaigns

Neha K Bisht: An Augmenter For Successful Branding Campaigns

Neha K Bisht

6 years ago, when Neha K Bisht started NB Group, a niche PR and communications firm, understanding the need for critical marketing, the firm championed entertainment, hospitality, and corporate PR. Evolving and looking to cater to the need of the times, Neha rebranded NB Group to Blue Buzz in December 2019. In its more powerful avatar, Blue Buzz adopts a distinctive storytelling approach to suit its clients' individualistic needs and position them for longterm success. Not only is the firm empowered with a credible team, it harnesses Neha’s decade-long experience and expertise, with her having worked with renowned names like MSL India. Women Entrepreneur India is delighted to engage in an exclusive interview with Neha.

Give us brief details about your educational and professional background. Also, explain your role at blue buzz, and how are you leveraging the best of your experience across your company's operations?

I am an alumnus of Sophia College Mumbai and started my professional career with an advertising firm. After few months I switched to a PR firm and then there was no looking back.

After working with few boutique firms and MSL India in the first first few years of my career I realised I wanted to do more. I guess it was the sheer passion of building brands and the urge to not just think, but also execute strategies and ideas which were out-of-the-box that shaped my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Blue Buzz is born from this sentiment; I would say I am a Brand curator by choice and an Entrepreneur by destiny.

“It is my work philosophy, guided by those learnings, that in our work culture, my team will not undergo certain prevalent industry practices, which may dampen their passion or productivity”

I lead the team across all verticals in Blue Buzz. Since we are an emerging brand, as the Founder it was a given for me to don many hats to ensure efficient deliveries and ensuring they were all in synergy with the core of our brand.

During my work tenure there were certain learnings that I had. It is my work philosophy, guided by those learnings, that in our work culture, my team will not undergo certain prevalent industry practices, which may dampen their passion or productivity. We have attempted to create a structure where each voice is heard and each team member is valued for who they are and what they bring to the table. We also follow a learning program where on a weekly basis we curate learning tools for the seekers to better their craft.

Tell us about blue buzz, along with the services that you offer. Also, tell us, how do you uniquely run the functions of the company?

Blue Buzz is a Brand Curator which prides itself in PR, Digital Media and Branding services. We follow a very strategic brand building process for each brand that comes on board using the latest communication tools and strategies to tailor them to the brand's needs. Our core belief is that each brand is different, so every brand needs to get consumer insights to curate a detailed strategy keeping the brand's market positioning and communication needs in mind. Our idea is to consistently add value and enable the brand's growth, and the brand enables our development. Of course, we aim to be a one-stop solution provider, but since we are a homegrown agency, we understand the challenges of start-ups and mid-size brands.

What were the significant challenges you faced while establishing blue buzz, and how has your journey been so far?

The journey has been enduring and a great learning curve. There were the risk takers who believed in us at the onset of our journey and we ensured that was reciprocated with diligent efforts and memorable campaigns. Two chapters of this journey, very close to my heart, are working with Chef Vikas Khanna, a force to reckon with in the culinary industry and filmmaker Meghna Gulzar, who gave us complete freedom to execute our ideas.

What are your upcoming plans?

Our immediate and future plans include building trust in our brand by doing good work. We want to create value for our clients and build trust for them amongst people to create iconic brands and campaigns. We want to become synonymous with brands recognition and growth, which speaks volumes for us.

Neha K Bisht, Co-Founder, Blue Buzz

Blue Buzz, is known for her immense contribution in the field of PR & Marketing. She has been instrumental in Brand Building & Online Market Segmentation for the biggest entertainment corporates like Zee TV’s ‘Mind Wars’ and India’s leading Online Auction Platform ‘Bzinga’, Star Plus, Anchor Dyna Body Soap and more. Apart from this, she has been a significant PR partner for Meghna Gulzar, Anupriya Goenka, Rashi Mal, The Beer Café, Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Kunal Kapur, to name a few. Her belief in a mechanism of bringing a brand to its highest potential by careful harnessing during the critical growth period is inimitable. She believes in quality over quantity and nothing is too small, too big – results are the only key to any operation.