Harini Chandrashekar: Driven With The Vision Of Providing Personalized Interior Designs And Home Renovations

Harini Chandrashekar: Driven With The Vision Of Providing Personalized Interior Designs And Home Renovations

Harini Chandrashekar

Flicha Interiors, incorporated in 2014 is a Bangalore-based Residential Interior Design solution provider booming with the goal of delivering customized interior designs to meet the specific needs of individual houses. Every home is unique, so it will have unique requirements when it comes to interior organization from the color palette, choice of materials, different interior design styles to structural changes. Having said that, there are only a few interior design firms that provide customized interior designs. Not just that, but some homes necessitate structural changes, which involve civil renovation as well. It is often difficult for Homeowners to find someone who can provide complete interior design services as well as civil renovations. Perfectly understanding the requirements, Flicha Interiors has established itself as a one-stop solution for complete home renovation and customized interior design.

In an exclusive interview with Women Entrepreneur Magazine, Harini Chandrashekar, CEO at Flicha Interiors takes us through her role and the unique traits of Flicha Interiors.

Take us through your early education and priory industry experience. What factors led you to create a firm that renders end-to-end home renovation solutions and interior designs?

I have completed my MBA and worked for a Year in EY (Ernst & Young) as a Compliance Advisor. My fascination with beautiful architecture inspired me to pursue a career in Interior Design. Prior to my MBA, I worked in real estate firms, which helped me understand the needs of homeowners. They are searching for more than simply a house; they are looking for a home. Only a well-designed interior can transform a house into a home. This deeper understanding of the need for Interior Design expanded my learnings. I prefer functional spaces that are also very beautiful & aesthetically pleasing. As a result, I followed my interest. I left my corporate job to work full-time at Flicha Interiors. My husband Maruthi Naik is the Founder of Flicha Interiors and I am the Entrepreneur, together we are working to develop this company.

Coming to the factor that led us to establish a business that provides end-to-end home renovation solutions is that the majority of Interior design firms design interiors for new homes. However, there are old homes and property buyers who buy resale properties. There is a bigger need here for old homeowners & re-sale property buyers to get their homes renovated and remodeled to new. When a homeowner purchases a resale property where the previous owners have already lived for some time, the new homeowner is not always at ease with using the property as it is. In some cases, where residents have lived in the same house for a long time, they will be looking to renovate the existing space into something new and update to the current trends. There is a high demand for firms that renovate old homes to make them completely new. This need inspired us to render end to end home renovation solutions including civil renovation, floor renovation, bathroom renovation & interior design.

What are the various interior design services and solutions that your firm specializes in? Throw some light on the various design philosophies you leverage while working on a new project.

We specialize in Minimalistic, Modern, Contemporary, and Indian Traditional Interior Design among many other interior design styles. The biggest solution we offer is end-to-end customization, in which we blend several styles to create an interior for a home as per the requirements of the client. These are about interior designs. When it comes to renovation, we specialize in renovation, remodeling, restyling and structural renovation, and total aesthetic enhancement through home improvement.

Our Design Philosophy is simple, 'Design shall be functional & aesthetically pleasing and customized as per the requirements demanded by the clients'. Maximizing the utility of the design through perfect functionality features is what we look for. Also, we believe in being efficient concerning the appearance of the design too. We simply don't fill up spaces. The design principle is based on the functionality, usage, accessibility, and looks combined. This is what we base our project designs on.

As a creative person, where do you find your design inspiration?

As a creatively inclined person, I draw my design inspiration from Indian Culture & Vastu Principles that make Indian Homes Unique. Our culture is so beautiful with scientific temperament. Indian Culture is aligned with Nature & promotes a natural way of life. So, the designs are inspired by observing nature as taught by our great Indian Culture.

“Home interiors is a very personal thing to every homeowner and we are here to make that space as beautiful as possible in order to fulfill every homeowner's dream”

In your opinion what are some facets of your personality and leadership style that have helped you propel the company further in its journey?

There are many but I would like to speak about these two important things i.e., Time Management and Total Quality Management.

My obsession with Time Management helped me shape a firm that delivers projects on time. No one is rich enough to afford Time Waste. People don't mind spending extra money, but not extra time. So, I have designed a Value Chain as an Entrepreneur that delivers the projects on time. Interior Design is the coordination of a lot of processes from designing cabinets, electrical, civil renovations to painting and décor to managing the material supply. This is the job that involves many technicians working to complete the design of the home in the committed time.

Total Quality Management – Doing it right the first time. This principle helped me deliver quality projects. Flicha Interiors delivers high-quality interiors done right. This majorly avoids reworks, services and replacements. So, we do it right the first time and quality is our priority. These principles have helped me in building a firm that delivers Quality.

What would be your words of advice for women aspiring to be entrepreneurs and interior designers?

Focus on Time Management and Quality Management. These are the basis on which great firms are built. Be known as someone who will deliver quality work on time. This is important for professional growth.

As an aspiring Interior Designers – The best thing you can do is, have empathy to understand the design needs of the clients. You can think and create beautiful designs accordingly. What better design inspiration you need other than the Imagination of the client? Last but not least, don’t take things for granted like Opportunity, Resources, Time, and Quality. Give your 100% to each project you take up. Concentrate on delivering just the finest, you will have a successful career.

Harini Chandrashekar, CEO, Flicha Interiors

Possessing the skill of 3D interior design planning, architectural planning, structural & civil renovation planning, and Vastu Consulting.