Bipasha Das: An Industry Expert Known For Her Preventative And Lifestyle Healthcare Treatments

Bipasha Das: An Industry Expert Known For Her Preventative And Lifestyle Healthcare Treatments

Bipasha Das
Founder & Director

As the saying goes "You are what you eat", therefore to be happy and positive, improve your health, fight unwarranted diseases and improve energy level, one needs to provide right amount nutrients to body i.e. you need to have a balanced diet. Lack of nutrition may lead to diseases, infection, or even depression. The importance of correct nutritious diet for children gets further accentuated as they are in growth phase and need all the fuel to ensure proper growth of body and mind. To provide the greatest quality nutritional and wellness services to clients, as well as assist them in achieving good health and fitness through a variety of unique, yet easy and long-term solutions, Senior Nutritionist Bipasha Das established Sugati Centre for Diet and Wellness. Having more than a 13 years of extensive expertise working with a variety of prominent hospitals, large multinationals and multiple Government bodies. Bipasha draws on her experience meticulously managing the most complex requirements while providing simple and long-term solutions.

Take us through the foundation journey of Sugati Centre for Diet and Wellness. What was the underlying idea behind founding the centre?

I always felt sad and pained seeing people suffer. I would be sad for days, if I saw someone suffering, I wanted to do something to help them heal. However, like most teenagers, I wasn't sure how to go about it. The turning moment in my life came when I began studying nutrition. Studying this subject, I learned about nutrition and its larger impact on people and what impact food has on people wellbeing, how correct food can help us avoid unwarranted sufferings. This really motivated me, I felt, I found what I was looking for, and that's when decided to pursue this stream. I completed my master degree in community nutrition and dietetics management. After which, I began perusing professional adventure by volunteering with several NGOs and worked with HIV-positive children. Post this, joined and worked for many renowned hospitals, large pharmaceutical companies and multinational corporates. However, somewhere I felt, I wasn't accessible to people at large and that's when I decided to set up Sugati in 2017. Sugati really gives me a platform to work for people of all walks of life and now my expertise is accessible to everyone.

In your opinion what are some of the major challenges faced by your clients? How does Sugati Centre for Diet & Wellness help them overcome these challenges?

Usually, starting anything new is the most difficult part and diet management is no different. Most, people don't understand criticality of food and how it impacts them, how a small change in food habits can lead to sea change in their life. So yes, starting the journey is most difficult phase. Second, I would say, is our life style. When you are stressed, down or sad, you tend to binge eat, which further aggravates the problem, junk food leads to higher stress level or even depression or depressed state of mind pushes you to indulge in wrong food, both ways they are detrimental to health. So, I would say, fighting this engraved thought process and belief is second most challenging area. Our approach is very simple, we keep things simple and subtle, we make small and sustainable changes to client's lifestyle, which helps them in adopting to it easily and sustaining it. Because, we don't make major changes and they get to see results, it builds trust, and over a period of time, balanced diet becomes part of life for them.

“From childhood it's engraved into us that sugar, sweets, outside food are ways of celebration/happiness sharing, whereas sugar is one of the most addictive product on earth.”

What are the various programs that you run at Sugati Centre for Diet and Wellness?

We provide a variety of programs, the most important of which is weight management. Under maternity care, we offer tailor made programs for each stage of maternity. Paediatric nutrition is another area we specialize in and help child nutrition at each stage. Now a days, most mothers are working and with stressful life, they find it difficult to feed their new-borns, and lactation is not always adequate. For such clients, we help in obtaining adequate nutrition while assisting them in achieving post-pregnancy weight loss. Fitness being the mantra of the day, most teenagers chase good looks with experimental diets, we come in here as guide for them and provide them diets which helps them achieve their goals keeping nutrition in place. Lastly, as part of our holistic approach to wellness, we also provide several psychological services; we have in-house psychology specialist, who helps our clients with various psychological challenges which they might be facing.

As a successful business leader, what would your advice be to women who are looking to establish businesses and become entrepreneurs? 

To my fellow female entrepreneurs, I would advise them to first believe in themselves, since self-belief and confidence is stepping stone for becoming entrepreneur and then follow your passion. Once you realize what your desires are and what you want to achieve, then chase it with complete determination and focus and let nothing deter you. Your aspiration should bring glitter or that spark in your heart and you must never let that fade away.  

Bipasha Das, Founder & Director, Sugati Center For Diet And Wellness

Bipasha Das, the Founder and Director of Sugati, is a senior nutritionist with a Post-Graduation degree in dietetics and community nutrition management. She is a Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (USA) accredited health coach and a Shaw Academy certified sports nutritionist (UK). She has been named the Most Recommended Nutritionist of the Year 2018-19 by Brands Impact for her impeccable track record and contributions. She was named the Best Consultant Dietitian in New Delhi in 2021, and she was included in the City Level Winners as well as the National Leadership Awards 2021, both held by Devoxil Media.