Bijal Bhalani: An Exemplary Business Professional Setting New Benchmarks In The Industry

Bijal Bhalani
Co-founder & Partner

“Being a startup or an established firm there may be challenges and hurdles. It is an individuals or a company’s responsibility to overcome the issues that they face”, says Bijal Bhalani, who is the Co-founder & Partner of Mid30 which is a pioneering business organization. When asked about how she has viewed her entrepreneurial journey, Bijal adds. “This journey has been a tremendous learning experience. It has, in many ways, shaped and defined who I am. Actually, it is not that difficult, it’s rather challenging. It is challenging because at every stage one has to prove ourselves”. Her commitment to offer class-leading services to their clients has been a primary catalyst behind the growth of Mid30. In an exclusive interview with Women Entrepreneur, Bijal talks in detail about her educational and professional background, and the operations of Mid30.

1. Give us brief details about your educational and professional background. Also, explain about your current role at mid30?

I completed my Graduation and then I decided to start working for growth-oriented companies. I got lucky and fortunate to work in different industries like telecom, stockbroking, placement consultancy, finance and graphic design studio with multiple work responsibilities. My last assignment was as senior Client co-ordination and Admin in-charge. After having 13 years of experience, I felt an urge to start my own design and marketing consulting agency for multiple segments.

MID30 was incepted in August 2014 and I stepped as an entrepreneur. And it won’t be possible without my soundboard my business partner. I take up multiple roles in the studio including brainstorming sessions with the team, client servicing, internal team management, overlooking client co-ordination, accounts, admin & HR.

2. What inspired you to establish mid30? Also, brief us about the spectrum of services that your company offers?

We are a 6-year-old midsized company that is a full creative strategic & Marcom with six-core segments: Lifestyle, Hospitality, Education, Real Estate, Industrial & Packaging and Creative Services. We always get inspiration from common man (also our tagline is “Advertising is all about comman (common + man) sense), if he/she can understand what we are trying to convey then it will be a winning point for us as well client.

“To make a brand, advertising is the main tool which speaks about your products”

Basically, we have an advantage of having creative & marcom, usually, creative agency does only provide creative duties, but we do creative as well marketing ideas which can always help the client to grow their brands. We are foraying into a new business vertical in the Luxury box segment named Boxstory.co.in. Our work theory is purely based on 5 strong words; Lister, Observe, Understand, Plan & Act. MID30 is the blending of strategy with creative graphics & marketing communication. We bond with the clients, associates, partners and we make sure that we establish long-term business association.

3. The society today is witnessing the evolution of women entrepreneurship. What is your perspective towards it? Share your experience of being a women entrepreneur yourself?

I believe that if you have decided what you exactly want from yourself, then all the hurdles turn out to be the stepping stone towards success. You simply need to be confident and determined towards your goal. I would also like to add that though many females may work just to keep themselves busy, they should also consider it as an opportunity to establish their self-identity. I would like to suggest everyone never to step back from their goals. I always believe in the saying that “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.”

“I take up multiple roles in the studio including brainstorming sessions with the team, client servicing, internal team management, overlooking client coordination, accounts, admin & HR”

It has pushed me way beyond my comfort zones in many ways and has required tremendous courage and persistence. As a businesswoman, I am always concurrently both a teacher as well student, I never envisioned that I would be running a business like this. I’ve always been expressive, family-oriented, relationship-focused, and interested in helping others. I try to be present in life and try to show up in every aspect of my life, and in every relationship. Finally, I’ve learned that when you are in the middle of the ocean, failure is not an option. We must keep swimming. Somehow, in the hardest of times, we are able to find the strength to pull through and to come out stronger in the end. We must have patience and faith in the fact that things will turn out the way they were meant to be.

5. Family plays an important role in every person’s life. How has your family supported you in your career journey so far? Also, how do you manage to balance between your personal & professional life?

Yes, Family plays a big role in everyone’s life. My Dad, Mom, Brother & Sister-in-law were very supportive of me when I said about starting my own business, they were very positive about the decision. Whenever I had hurdles, they were very supportive and acted as a backbone to me.

4. Do you have any piece of advice/suggestion on your mind for people aspiring to build their careers in the marketing & advertising industry of india?

Advertising is a very interesting field where anybody can learn and explore as much as possible. People can understand the multiple business patterns also. To make a brand, advertising is the main tool which speaks about your products. I must say making a career in advertising is a great decision and the industry is growing day by day.

Bijal Bhalani, Co-Founder & Partner, Mid30

She has more than 13 years of industry expertise and experience. She has a keen interest in conceptual thoughts and design visualizations and this has helped Mid30 to strive for consistent growth.