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Making a sale has always been a tough job, and it's certainly not getting any easier, especially in a post pandemic world. The business landscape is becoming increasingly competitive with more and more players making a tough bid to win over consumers. With the market evolving in favor of the consumers, the going is truly getting tough for sales executives.

 Consumers also have access to a vast amount of information now, and their perceptions are ever fleeting. A Forrester study found that 63 percent of buyers are likely to leave a company after just one bad experience. With the data explosion in today's digital world, buyers are also empowered enough to make purchase decisions without even having to speak to a salesperson. With this evolution, business development executives and sales personnel must convince potential consumers of the brand's value.

  As Jennifer Havice right said in Finding the Right Message, "You have all of 10 seconds to clearly articulate your value proposition to keep people engaged longer. There's a high likelihood that without a compelling reason to stay within those first few seconds, people will click away". In such a scenario, sales and business development leaders must go the extra mile to provide consumers with the additional information that they obtain through traditional routes.

They must also be well aware of their competitors and find the means of standing out in the cluttered marketplace. With today's digital trends strengthening, there are several tools and technologies in the market that can greatly impact sales outcomes. Leveraging the right digital tools can aid sales teams scale-up their productivity across the sales cycle.

These tools can help improve prospect research, output, contact organization and with discovery & qualification of tools. Another key factor for amplifying business development is to align the outbound with the overall marketing strategy undertaken by the company.

This will help create brand awareness, credibility and also lead generation. The current edition of Women Entrepreneur magazine brings to you a host of prolific women leaders in business development.

Follow their stories to get an insight into how these leaders are creating success after success for their respective organizations and the disruption that they are leading in the Indian business landscape.

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