CPOs Bridge Between Employee & Employer Expectation and Needs

CPOs Bridge Between Employee & Employer Expectation and Needs

By: Rachita Sharma, Managing Editor | Friday, 4 August 2023

They say, ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’. While this saying holds true in all aspects of life, yet it resonates the strongest in context of business organizations. Any business venture’s success depends on the people who eventually executing the core idea. Needless to say, ‘PEOPLE’ are the key to any company’s growth or downfall.

The importance of talented resources has grown manifold in the modern corporate world. Replete with cut-throat competition, the ‘dog-eat-dog-world’ faces challenges in terms of hiring, training and retaining talented individuals. Hiring is the top most challenge faced by every leader that I have spoken to in the past few years. Companies also struggle to create a growth-enabling and positive work culture in a time and age where ‘employee experience’ is gaining priority.

These challenges can be handled with ease by a competent ‘Chief People Officer’ or CPO. Gone are the days when Human Resource was considered an admin function. Today HR forms an integral part of business strategy and is key for a company’s growth. In such a scenario, a CPO’s role has risen to prominence.

A CPO today is a part of the executive team and has eyes of key factors such as attracting & hiring the right talent, retaining talent, succession planning, bridging skill gaps, and developing leaders. A CPO also oversees the critical task of working with the C Suite team to align business needs and goals with company’s resources.

Having a bird’s-eye view of employee experience, along with the understanding of business gaols makes CPOs the best suited people to bridge the gap between the employee and employers.

We at Women Entrepreneur magazine understand business and the key elements that can make a venture tick. In the current edition of the magazine, we celebrate the importance of CPOs and introduce you to some of the brightest women CPOs from Asia.

On the cover we feature Dalit Meretz Vardi, Chief People Officer (CPO) at Reality Group. She plays a crucial role in shaping the Group's culture and nurturing its most valuable asset, its people. She is known for her dedication to employee development, talent acquisition, and retention, as well as her commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive workplace.

Also read the thoughts of Astri Silviani, CPO, and CEO, THE DELUTION COMPANY. She brings an extensive hands-on experience to the team. She holds a master's degree in Organizational and Industrial Psychology, along with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Padjadjaran University in Indonesia. Prior to becoming the Chief People Officer at THE DELUTION COMPANY, she held the position of Head of HR at PT. Dayalima Abisatya, a leadership firm specializing in comprehensive HR services.

Joining Dalit and Astri, we have Elise Loh, Chief People Officer, NAIM, a prominent township developer and contractor in Malaysia. Elise Loh is a dynamic and experienced leader in Human Resources, known for her ability to navigate complex challenges and drive positive change. As a Chief People Officer, she has shouldered the responsibilities of fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, managing change in the face of evolving landscapes, and challenging societal expectations placed on women in leadership roles.

These women are the today and tomorrow of people management. Read through to know more about their thoughts on leadership and Human Resource landscape.

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