Harmonious Synergy Between Past Traditions & New-Age Digital Era Benefit The Indian Organic Product Category

Harmonious Synergy Between Past Traditions & New-Age Digital Era Benefit The Indian Organic Product Category

By: Rachita Sharma,Special Editor | Monday, 9 May 2022

Internet is probably the single most impactful invention of modern times. Its widespread usage has transformed the way the world communicates, both in personal and business capacity. In a way, Internet has democratized the market landscape. Given tools such as social media and other digital platforms, brands today have an easier route to connect with and reach potential consumers. This phenomenon has resulted in a D2C (direct to consumer) explosion of late. Anybody who shops online today will be privy to the growth of the D2C trend. New age and niche brands have risen to fame to disrupt the market which was earlier dominated by large corporates and multinational organizations.

The Indian market has always been home to exceptional products and brands. However, various distribution challenges such as it being expensive, inefficient and unreliable caused them to never prosper and scale-up. Niche brands also suffered owing to the high cost associated with marketing through the traditional mediums. As a consequence, smaller brands had to rely on dealing with established distributors who made the entire process cost intensive, leaving low or no profit margins for the product makers.

But this was the story of yesterday. With the internet came online shopping platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. These new-age e-tailers simplified distribution issues, albeit still affecting profit margins. However, with the rise of digital technology and with data becoming cheaper & more accessible to the average Indian, there came the era of the new age supply chain players. Technology enabled new and upcoming brands to be able to deliver to their consumers on their own.

With the last-mile delivery issue being solved, the last missing piece of the puzzle was fixed by social media platforms. Brands today heavily rely on social media platforms for discovery. It also makes it easier for brands to communicate with and create a community with the consumers. It is entirely possible that a lot of the brands that we have newly discovered have been owing to the magic of performance marketing.

One of the sunrise sector that has benefited greatly by the D2C revolution is the organic and natural products segment. The average consumer today is more aware and careful about what they put in or on their bodies. As a consequence, natural & organic food, makeup, clothing and other household products have become increasingly popular.

With its illustrious history of being a culture that has always given importance to nature, India is positioned perfectly to lead the race when it comes to organic products. Other than seeing a rise in consumption within the country, India's organic products exports surpassed $1 billion, recently, said India's APEDA reports.

With our past traditions creating a beautiful synergy with the new age Internet era, the organic product category is only going to see growth going forward.