How Homeopathy Treatment Significantly Increases the Bodys Immunity?

How Homeopathy Treatment Significantly Increases the Bodys Immunity?

By: Dr. Ummekulsum Baghwala, Homeopathic Consultant & Founder, Essence Homeopathic Clinic | Thursday, 13 April 2023

Dr. Ummekulsum Baghwala is a passionate homeopath from Mumbai and now settled in Indore. Her passion is to work for women and children and has amazing results with Homeopathy and other Holistic Approach. She has patients from more than 25 cities all over the world via online consultation.

Homeopathy is famous for a lot of things, like sweet pills, no side effects and yes for its immunity building power as well.

But to understand how homeopathy builds immunity lets understand what immunity is in simple words.

I will not tell you all about t lymphocytes and b lymphocytes to understand immunity but explain immunity in a way we all experience in day-to-day life.

Immunity is your ability to live life effortlessly without having a cringe on your face 100 times a day. 

Since the time we wake up in the morning there are many tasks we do and something as simple as getting up from bed after that unrefreshing sleep can be a huge task. And when such simple task start to feel hard, when you have pains or discomfort in simple task, indigestion by eating local food that you have been eating childhood, when you cannot sleep, do not feel fresh and active and fall sick on slightest of change in weather or routine then this means your immunity is compromised. Your bodys ability to take care of itself and adjust to small changes is compromised.

Human body's inability to adapt is a sign of low immunity and that generally happens when you do not have a healthy lifestyle and healthy mindset.

There are many influencers that talk about healthy lifestyle and healthy mindset, but as a doctor I want to simplify this for you. Healthy lifestyle is listening to your body irrespective of what is trending and what society expects from you. Healthy mindset is being able to live in peace among the noise and enjoying your own company without your phone.

Human body is gifted with the boon of adaptation and when you overuse this capacity and do not listen to your body’s cue’s your system will make some permanent changes to sustain life and that will cause disease.

Human body is adaptable and each human has a different comfort zone, likes and dislikes and this makes us unique, each human is combination of mental, emotional and physical make up. The homeopathic system of medicine uses this uniqueness to heal patients. By understand the unique character of each human at the mental, emotional and physical level a medicine is carefully selected. Such medicine is called as constitutional medicine.

On administration of constitutional medicine in small quantitative but large qualitative dose the process of healing begins by setting each physiological function right in place and thus the patient will start to feel better the the mental, emotional and general physical level first. Gradually as the treatment advances the physical particular complaints also start to get better.

Homeopathic treatment is based on herings law of cure: i.e. health is restores from within outwards from more imp organs to lesser imp organs and in reverse order of appearance of symptoms.

As disease begins after long periods of unhealthy and ignorant lifestyle the first set of symptoms experienced are the general physical, mental and emotional level and therefore these are the symptoms that get better first.

As the disease advances only then it will settle in one organ or system, like after years of ignorance one may experience polycystic ovaries or insulin imbalance or may be joint pains, nothing happens overnight it only develops over the period of time. And therefore, such physical particular symptoms are last to go.

The duration of treatment also depends on the level of suppression of symptoms, example for how long you have been popping in a painkiller to avoid headache, it’s like putting a temporary blanket on the issue. And with time these pills being heavy chemical doses affect your liver, kidney affect the absorption and assimilation of minerals and vitamins in the gut etc.

With homeopathic system of medicine the treatment is gentle without chemically loaded doses. It will cure the issue from its roots by setting the imbalances correct and making you feel lighter and more at peace without 100 cringes in a day and that eventually reduces your frequency of illness and discomfort and gradually heales your physical particular symptoms were the period of time gradually which were developed over the period of time gradually.

Homeoapthy works quick wonders with kids as they are in the purest form and not adulterated with chemical doses and also in adults who have not suppressed the disease much. 

Homeopathy is A simple science to understand but quite complex to practice and therefore finding a right homeopath who follows the right principle of cure is a boon in itself.