Women In Leadership: Achieving An Equal Future In A Covid-world

Women In Leadership: Achieving An Equal Future In A Covid-world

By: Ar. HimaniAhuja, Communication Specialist, Founder & CEO, One Digital

She is a goal achiever and her skills and knwoledge imbibed with excellent work experience is leading her in the successful journey of communications with architecture.

Ar. HimaniAhuja, the Founder & CEO at One Digital & Designworx Asia, glorifies the virtues of ingenuity and conscientiousness. Integrated with a tenacity to achieve her goals, it was her dynamism that resulted in the amalgamation of Communications with Architecture. Heading one of the only Architectural Communications firms of India; dedicated to Architects, Interior Designers & allied product brands, she is a celebrated member of the design and communications fraternity.

With women’s day around the corner, let’s bring attention to the successes of female entrepreneurs around the world. These women are icons of empowerment, and discussing their success is an important way to celebrate their victory in the face of endless obstacles. It is now becoming clearer than ever that women can do whatever they set their mind to, just like men can or even better!

More and more women are shattering boundaries every day in male-dominated industries by utilizing their vigor and leadership skills in knowledge and work experience. Women are at present, pursuing more than just 9-5 jobs and addressing the challenges head-on with action and smart execution. In leadership roles, they can make big differences with the natural attributes inherent in them. They are more likely to help set definite attainable goals, highlight teamwork and invest time in the mentoring and personal development of the employees. When women blend with the team and their strengths, they create strong team players and role models.

“As an architect & communications specialist, i believe that this is a great time for all, not just women to ascend into leadership roles & make a positive difference”

We are in the second decade of the 21st century, and I am of the opinion that today, all opportunities come equally for men and women. Rather than throwing a strong focus and light on the achievements of women alone, the greater area of discussions should be more towards the successes attained collectively. With head-on action and smart executions, anyone in a leadership role can break barriers and attain triumph. I dream of a world where women are not celebrated for just one day but their accomplishments are valued every single day. It is not about men being better than women or vice-versa but all being treated at par as humans.

As an Architect & Communications Specialist, I believe that this is a great time for all, not just women to ascend into leadership roles & make a positive difference. Though I also do believe that the AEC & Communications industry has an abundance of talented women who are poised and prepared to take up such roles. Business results and statistics have proved that having a stable leadership team makes for better business growth. I can say with utmost surety that our company has 95 percent of female staff handling important portfolios. They are performing significantly better, even when pushed out of their comfort zones to explore communication opportunities. Our company is all about digital outreach and having women at the leading head ensures that all voices are heard. With women in high-ranking positions, the team is secured with creative flexible opportunities in Communications while looking at a more gender-inclusive environment. The lingering traditional mindset of a woman’s role in India looks to change with the dynamic rise of women in ranks.

My freedom to #choosetochallenge this women’s day is to make certain that communications stay relevant in the age of easily available social media. The obstacle is to keep fresh perspectives in mind at a corporate level and look towards merging the strengths to drive companies forward while accomplishing personal successes.