Experts Column

The past years have contributed to the younger consumers being concerned with social and environmental causes, which many regard as being the defining issues of digital times. They increasingly back their beliefs with their shopping habits, favoring brands that are aligned with their style and comfort, avoiding those that don't. Consumers are shopping for more than just fashion's latest trend. Their choices also reflect their commitment to sustainability and longevity.

Slow Fashion honors the thoughtful, traditional fashion timeline as well as artisan-made, handcrafted goods; ethical fashion vies for safe conditions and fair pay to all workers in the supply chain, minimalist fashion champions timeless styles over trends and quality over quantity, often resorting to capsule wardrobes to reduce material consumption overall; zero-waste fashion prioritizes used, up-cycled, and recycled materials while minimizing waste in the production process; and sustainable fashion, often seen as the end goal, promotes practices that protect the welfare of all players in the game and help to maintain healthy, balanced, and biodiverse ecosystems so we can all sustain and thriveinto the future.

We believe conscious fashion seeks first to empower consumers to make more informed, thoughtful choices.

Hence buying classic pieces of garments that can be worn repeatedly should be made a priority. A well fitted pair of pants, crisp and clean silhouettes are always wearable and support planet positive fashion practices.  Tailored clothes may sound like a luxury, but they are a good investment for professionals at all levels. With the added advantage that they cost similar to the off-the-rack selections, they're beautifully and durably constructed and custom fitted, so they will last longer and look better.

“We believe conscious fashion seeks first to empower consumers to make more informed, thoughtful choices”

Fall/Winter is here so, even when you're no longer at home all day wrapped up in a blanket, you can still recreate the cozy moment. It's the best time of the year to add season over layers like coats, loafers, and knitwear to your closet. Even knit sweater dresses are just as pleasant to wear while also offering an elevated finish. Oversized sweaters and sweatshirts are the classic fashion statement from the 70's and are still a huge hit. Another trend we can't wait to get behind are richer, warmer hues that are universally flattering--think forest green and deep burgundy. And stripe knits and sturdy boots quickly replace summer's printed shirts and flip-flops.

By focusing on monotone looks in an innovative range of textures and designs, one can also experiment with vibrant shades like red, fuschia, or even green, but if neutrals are what spark joy for you, we know fo sure that the camel trend is going to stay, and all black is anything but boring.