Script, dialogues, music, actors, and many other elements combined together bring a colorful film onto the screen, but it is the director who makes it possible. Directors are the artists who work behind the scenes of a film. A film director receives the majority of the creative credit for his finished piece of work due to the amount of work that goes into his job. This is largely due to his involvement in all aspects of the film's development. He guides the screenwriter in visualizing the script. Over the years, we've seen a slew of directors striving for a place in the hearts of audiences. Directors, particularly in Tollywood, right from SS Rajamouli, Puri Jagannadh to the upcoming directors have always raised the bar.

Over the course of the year, the Tollywood industry hasn't shown much interest in female directors. However, in the last few years, the industry has seen a shift away from male director. In this male-dominated town, nothing could stop this list of female directors and their stories. These courageous women worked tirelessly to create meaningful films that were also commercially successful. Let's take a look at some of the most successful female directors in the Telugu film industry.

Let us begin with Vijay Nirmala, the wife of Telugu film director, producer, and actress Ghattamaneni Krishna. She is one of the most talented and versatile female directors in Telugu cinema, having worked on films ranging from 'Meena' (1971) to 'Moodu Puvvulu Aaru Kaayalu' (1979), 'Prajala Manishi' (1990) to 'Yes Nenante Nene' (1994) and 'Puttinti Gowravam' (1995). (1996). Vijay Nirmala has a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most films she has directed.

Bhanumathi demonstrates how a feminine point of view can improve the way stories are told. She has done almost everything as a filmmaker, actress, music composer, singer, and lyricist. As an actress, she influenced veteran Telugu cinema actresses like Jamuna and Savitri at the time. Because she could perform eight tasks at the same time, the industry dubbed her 'Ashtavadani.' She made her directorial debut in the 1939 film 'Vara Vikrayam,' but her breakthrough came with the 1953 film 'Chandirani.' She went on to become known as India's first female director.

 It would be wrong to overlook B V Nandini Reddy when discussing female directors in Tollywood. She requires no introduction. In 1996, she began her career as an assistant director on the children's film 'Little Soldiers.' She demonstrated her talent by writing and directing 'Ala Modalaindi' in 2011, which is her best work to date, as well as hits like 'Jabardasth' and 'Kalyana Vaibhogame,' both of which are charming and compelling. She is well-known for her excellent screenplays, and 'Ala Modalaindi' exemplifies her vision as a director.

Suchitra Chandrabose is a brilliant Indian choreographer who is capable of bringing uncanny dance styles to the big screen. She made a name for herself as a choreographer with films such as 'Aakhari Poratam,' 'Money,' 'Gharana Bullodu,' 'Annamayya,' 'Jayam Manadera,' 'Nuvvu Naaku Nachav,' 'Manasantha Nuvve,' and others. She directed the box office hit 'Pallakilo Pellkoothuru,' starring Gowtham and Rathi. Suchitra is a true director, creating her characters and bringing them to life in a natural way.

One of the best films of 2014 was directed by a woman, which was a delightful surprise. Sripriya not only had the guts but also the initiative to develop a content-driven suspense thriller that went on to do well at the box office with Venkatesh's 'Drushyam.' She has appeared in films such as 'Anthuleni Katha,' 'Chilakamma Cheppindi,' 'Vayasu Pilichindi,' 'Bezawada Bebbuli,' and 'Kongu Chatu Krishnudu,' among others.

Like any other female Tollywood filmmakers, B Jaya is definitely one of the best directors. In an ideal world, B Jaya's directorial debut, 'Chantigadu,' would be the year's highest-rated romantic entertainer, boosting her career. Unfortunately, the film was a smash hit, and Jaya has since gone on to star in additional blockbusters such as 'Premikulu,' 'Gundamma Gari Manavadu,' 'Lovely,' and 'Vaishakam.' Her films cover a wide spectrum of emotions. She's right up there with the best female filmmakers because her films are humorous and tragic, intelligent and light, idealistic yet commercial.

Sudha Kongara Prasad, on the other hand, has primarily worked in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. Guru was a remake of her own film Irudhi Suttru, which she directed. Kongara wrote the screenplay for Mitr, My Friend, an English film. In 2008, she made her directorial debut with Krishna Bhagavaan's Telugu film Andhra Andagadu.

Apart from the aforementioned women filmmakers, Srividya Basava, Shri Ranjani, Chinua and Sanjana Reddy from Tollywood, Gayatri Pushkar, Halitha Shameem, Madhumita Sundararaman, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, Aishwarya Dhanush and Soundarya Rajinikanth and Suhasini Mani Ratnam from Kollywood, Roopa Rao and Suman Kittur from Sandalwood are some of the women filmmakers who were honoured for their work.