Most Effective Strategies to Improve Women's Performance at Work

Most Effective Strategies to Improve Women's Performance at Work

By: WE Staff

Women's participation in the workforce is growing, and so is their wage increase. This has been the case for the previous six quarters. Women appear to be catching up to men in the workplace after years of striving for gender equality. With an increasing number of women joining the Indian workforce and corporate world, it is important to understand the factors that can positively impact their work performance. Experts from the industry and women leaders share the most successful ways for improving women's workplace performance.

Women's health is crucial to their productivity and well-being at work

According to research, employees who are in good health are more likely to perform well at work. Employees who are in good health not only have a higher quality of life, but they also have a decreased chance of sickness, illness, and injury, as well as higher job productivity and a higher possibility of contributing to their communities. Investing in employees' health and well-being will help them to be their best selves every day and do the amazing work they do for your company.

Dr. Suguna Sapre, Founder & Coach, Suphala Care who is also part of Wellness and Health care industry  says, “we give prime importance to holistic wellbeing of our employees and special focus to woman’s health providing platform to meet one on one for any personal concerns work issues and provide work from home as required in case of any family crisis or health concerns.” Currently, millions of women are participating in an unprecedented work-from-home experiment. Many people are happier, more productive, and want to keep the benefits long even when the pandemic is over.

The New Normal, Hybrid Work Culture can work wonders

Flexibility is increasingly becoming a desired necessity of all employees, as per a growing number of businesses. According to a recent online poll conducted last year, 37 percent of men and 31 percent of women have worked from home at some point in their careers. Nearly 66% of workers said that working from home online increased their productivity and output. Companies who offer remote work don't believe that flexible work is only for women. Gender is irrelevant in this social reality.

"Flexible work times, monthly days offs, etc. can produce a Happy Workplace," says Sonya Khandelwal, an entrepreneur, life coach, and founder of Etheralsonia, when discussing flexibility and working from home. She also adds taht allowing employees the comfort of working from home as an option is another small but impactful benefit. On days when they’re not in a state to reach office, or need to rejuvenate & take a day to themselves, working from home can help them without them worrying about losing their leave balance.

Workplace Hygiene

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are vital in the workplace, and company standards reflect this. Employees serve as ambassadors for the company they work for. This implies that simply dressing professionally is insufficient. Professionals must also possess other attributes, such as perfect hygiene. "Women employees should be given with a proper hygienic environment and facilities, such as menstrual hygiene management at work, a clean atmosphere, access to sanitary goods, and menstrual waste disposal," Sonya Khandelwal says. It is one of the characteristics, according to her, that contributes to the creation of a supportive workplace and work structures for women, allowing them to develop long-term and profitable careers. She also mentions health-care services such as a 24-hour in-house doctor to treat the numerous concerns that ladies confront, as well as activities like as gymming, yoga, Zumba, and regular health check-ups, will help to create a supportive workplace for women.

What role does feedback play in the advancement of women's careers?

According to a study, at least once a week, 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback from their coworkers. Giving and receiving feedback is essential for every employee's success.  According to a report, when employees receive little or no feedback, four out of ten become actively disengaged. This demonstrates how critical employee feedback is in shaping the employee experience.

Dr. Suguna believes that feedback is a powerful tool for bringing about change. She says,"the most common feedback for most of the woman to thrive and grow in the corporate world still depends on Family support and ecosystem at work which allows them to have flexible work times and special support during pregnancy and post-pregnancy which can do a lot Good to help a woman perform beyond expectations."

Empowering women at workplace

Women get more command over their careers when they are empowered in the workplace. You can secure their professional growth by investing in training, mentoring, equality initiatives, education grants, and promotions to senior-level roles. This is crucial for building long-term employees. In order to achieve true gender diversity in the workplace, you must represent women at all levels. "Encouraging women in the workplace to take command of initiatives and assume full responsibility is a huge confidence booster," says Ms. Sonya. She also believes that women need to be encouraged and driven to advance in their careers.