How Nutritionists and Dietitians help people to improve their health in today's lifestyles?

How Nutritionists and Dietitians help people to improve their health in today's lifestyles?

By: GauriAnand, Dietitian and Founder of Balanced Bites | Wednesday, 25 January 2023

As the years have passed, one thing which has been of the utmost importance is health.Due to the different lifestyles and work cultures, people have started neglecting their health which has led to a rise in medical conditions, obesity and more issues.A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean being active, but one that comprises a healthy diet too! It should contain vitamins, protein, and less junk or saturated fat foods.The focus should be to include more seasonal fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

A nutritionist/Dietician helps in many ways in order to improve people’s health. They are experts and can provide you with things like medication, diet & exercise recommendations which can improve your health drastically. Their tests can also make you aware of your potential allergies.

On that note, here is how Nutritionists and Dietitians help people to improve their health in today’s lifestyles

1. Curation of diet plan

It's very important to plan a diet according to the person’s lifestyle. A person might have different job timings, shifts, eating habits, and medical conditions. Making a personalised diet plan helps people to adapt easily and change their current lifestyle. This, in turn, increases consistency which leads to the betterment of health. A good diet can keep away over 90% of health issues.

2. Encouraging healthy eating habits

Nutritionists use a scientific and food-based approach to evaluate an individual’s eating habits and to create a personalized dietary plan. They guide their clients towards eating fresh, natural foods, eventually promoting healthy eating. Experts run tests on their clients to gain knowledge about any potential allergies. Their diets vary from person to person depending on various factors like test results, medical conditions, etc. 

3. Behaviour change modification

A nutritionist is extremely helpful in the case of emotional eating or behavioural change eating. Due to hectic life and stress levels, people nowadays are prone to stress/emotional eating. In coordination with a therapist, a nutritionist helps a person reduce emotional eating, finds ways to cope with it and gives them a healthier alternative. This helps build a healthy lifestyle, and good food also improves mental health.

3.  Track your healthy habits

A Nutritionist teaches you how to track your healthy habits and can help you pinpoint what goes wrong if those habits start to slip or change. We all tend to deviate from our track at some point in time, so it's very important to have a nutritionist who can help you with consistency and tell you how to rectify eating mistakes.

4. Choose the correct food items

Having a professional nutritionist helps with the correct food items required for your body to demolish all the deficiencies.

The combination of food is very important, and a nutritionist can help to formulate the best combination of food in the right proportion, which is beneficial for our lifestyle.

A Dietitian knows the recommendations for weight loss and healthy eating for specific diseases and can help you find the right foods and the right amounts. 

5. Manage Weight

Having a nutritionist and a dietician is important as they can be extremely helpful in keeping your weight in check. Weight is something that can fluctuate a lot, and in this busy life, it can be very hard to manage or keep track of it. This is where a nutritionist or a dietician helps a lot! They help you with diets and exercise and provide you with regular weight checks. This, in turn, helps you manage your weight and avoid problems like obesity.

6. Motivates you to do body movements like exercising  

Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself to work out at home or go to a gym for strength exercises. We forget that with a healthy diet, exercises are also important. Being lazy and skipping workout sessions is something we all do. Having a dietician helps cope with this issue. They provide their clients with proper schedules, which motivate them to exercise regularly without slacking off.

7. Helps manage stress

Stress has become a very common issue in today’s life. There is no time left to stop and relax in this fast-moving world, due to which many people, mostly working adults, build up stress. This leads to bad habits like over-eating and consuming energy drinks or alcohol, and more is bad for one’s health.

Usually, nutritionists and dieticians conduct awareness and wellness classes for their clients, which help many people, cope with stress and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

A nutritionist helps promote a healthy lifestyle which has become extremely important in this never stopping world. The experts use the combination of a healthy diet, excises and medication to create an active life for their clients. They are helpful not only for physical health but also for your mental health. This article helps you understand the importance of a nutritionist or a dietician in today’s life.