Gender Diversity in Healthcare Industry

Gender Diversity in Healthcare Industry

By: Nisha Raizada, Chief Adminstrative & Business Transformation Officer, IKS Health | Thursday, 10 March 2022

Ms.Nisha Raizada comes with extensive corporate finance experience in domestic and international business environments with exposure to diverse sectors in India. She is proficient in financial and strategic planning for overall business and profitability growth. As Chief Administrative & Business Transformation Officer and Board Member, Ms.Raizada leads all the key enabling functions across IKS Health and provides Strategic leadership to our disruptive endeavors. Prior to joining IKS Health, she was with Moelis & Company, Nomura Holdings, Lehman Brothers and N M Rothschild & Sons.

Healthcare solutions industry requires an amalgamation of various skill sets, from physicians to technologists to general graduates, and is a hotbed of favorable opportunities for women

In recent times, bringing in gender diversity to the workplace has become increasingly important for forward looking companies. Closing the gender gap at the workplace is not just about creating a diverse workplace from a gender perspective, but it also indicates a diverse mindshare. Research has proven that this can lead to thriving organizations. Considering the importance and the impact of hiring women in the workforce, we consider three key aspects that make the healthcare industry the right destination for women professionals today and women leaders of tomorrow.  

Meaningful Work

Myriad studies, including the notable HBR article, have revealed that today's workforce is looking for meaningful work, typically defined as "worthwhile, important, or valuable" from an organizational contribution perspective. Considering this, the healthcare industry gives opportunities for women to contribute towards society with meaningful work. This is relevant from both - the stable contribution as well as episodic contribution aspect. One does not necessarily need to be a physician to make a difference and improve the quality of care provided to patients. There are many roles, physicians included, that are available within the healthcare solutions industry that can fulfill this need of making a positive impact in the society. The work done at IKS Health, a healthcare services platform, contributes towards transforming healthcare delivery. Everyday work at IKS Health is meaningful as we enable physicians to focus on direct patient care; our work makes sure that physicians are compensated for the care that they provide; and we create value by improving the overall quality and outcome of the care provided to patients.

“Work that is conducive to gender diversity a 2021 mckinsey study concludes that women continue to face higher exhaustion, stress and burnout than men”

Growth Opportunities

A 2017 study by Creative Center for Leadership reveals that 74.1% women are keen to progress professionally, especially with promotions, and 81.4% women were keen on leadership development programs that could help them propel their careers in the right direction. Women prefer a workplace that makes sure that they feel inspired and motivated enough to have the confidence to pursue such opportunities. A comprehensive leadership program that is tailored to address the deep-seated challenges and biases is a sure win-win for organizations. IKS Health has a culture of learning. With multiple training programs that span from first-time managers to senior leadership, we make sure that all aspects of leadership are covered. Giving ample access and opportunities to women (and men) to employ learnings and expand horizons as they work towards meritocratic growth.

Work That Is Conducive To Gender Diversity

A 2021 Mckinsey study concludes that women continue to face higher exhaustion, stress and burnout than men. One of the biggest reasons for this is attributed to the dual roles of women, professional and domestic. The healthcare industry offers a range of roles where women can thrive in the workforce. Especially the healthcare solutions industry where women can work for a fixed number of hours therefore managing a healthy work-life balance. The healthcare solutions industry that offers roles within revenue optimization and technology development, can be an area of opportunity where women can contribute meaningfully. The IKS Health premises are all centrally located in big cities, this means that access to the workplace is easy and safety is taken care of. This is in addition to the hours being flexible and limited.

A workplace that is conducive to women, that offers growth opportunities and is meaningful enough, would be ideal to promote inclusion of women in the workforce. IKS Health boasts of a significant women workforce presently, which is one of the best given the industry numbers. We are constantly working towards helping women find meaning in their work and benefit from the work that they do.