7 Most Influential Women Educators India has had over the Years

7 Most Influential Women Educators India has had over the Years

By: Navyasri, Writer, WomenEntrepreneurIndia | Monday, 5 September 2022

Famous female educators in history have had a profound impact on, and been an inspiration to, millions of people worldwide. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Women EntrepreneurIndia acknowledges some of the most influential women educators India has had over the years. These Indian female educationalist s not only impacted women’s education in India but also on the country as a whole.

Without women, a society, the entire world, and even existence itself would be incomplete. Women naturally excel at creating, and they also possess the inclusiveness that the world sorely needs. Women have the ability to rationally and imaginatively influence society.

Women’s education in India has been a challenge over the years. 

It is necessary to understand the background of India. The society was patriarchal. Additionally, as a developing country, India has issues at the grassroots level. Simple comforts were therefore an unattainable goal for women in the nation in such a situation.

For many, education is a distant dream. However, time changes everything. People who live with a purpose also manage to find a way. It is evident when we witness women who have made outstanding contributions to technology, politics, human welfare, and, most significantly, education. Millions of people have been educated, inspired, and influenced by female educators around the world. Even though India still has a long way to go until all women are fully literate, these ladies have made enormous contributions to the field of education. Indian history is full of such amazing women.

This article presents to you some of the most influential women educators in Indian history who made significant contributions to the nation's progress in terms of education, freedom, and societal development.

Savitribai Phule

Mentioning this extraordinary woman, Savitribai Phule, is a requirement for any article about women's education. She is the first female teacher in India. It is vital to note that women scarcely had access to Education throughout the early ages, especially in India. Savitribai Phule overcame obstacles like the caste system and male supremacy. Any woman taking the initiative and standing up for a cause was unthinkable and impossible. Savitribai Phule, on the other hand, dismantled all the barriers and fought for women's education in India. She did it by deed rather than speech. She transformed into a live example.

Her success served as an inspiration for other Indian girls who wanted to pursue education. They also established the "Native Library" and a school for girls. One individual became the torchbearer for many others. The Savitribai Phule University in Pune was established in her honour today. The tradition of holistic education is continued by this university. The entire nation salutes Savitribai Phule for her great contributions to education and social transformation.

Begum Zafar Ali

Begum Zafar Ali was a legislator, social activist, and supporter of education who lived from 1900 until 1999. She was Kashmir's first female matriculate (1930). The first matriculate in Kashmir was her father, Khan Bahadur Aga Syed Hussain. She managed several schools as their headmistress. She canvassed neighbourhoods to persuade people of the benefits of female education. She promoted empowerment among females in her school by urging them to pursue education. From 1977 until 1982, she was a member of the Legislative Assembly, where she was instrumental in bringing about changes in the fields of education, women's emancipation, and other social issues.

Durgabai Deshmukh

Freedom fighter Durgabai Deshmukh (1909–1981) upheld Gandhiji's ideas and founded schools to instruct women in weaving and spinning. Deshmukh took time away from her involvement in the freedom struggle to finish her M.A. and B.L. degrees. In order to prepare young females to take the Banaras Hindu University Matric exam, she also formed the "Andhra Mahila Sabha." Later, the institute provided training for women interested in careers in teaching, journalism, and nursing.

Mahadevi Verma

Mahadevi Verma was a well-known Indian poet, freedom warrior, and educationist who lived from 1907 to 1987. She used to compose in Hindi and was regarded as a leading poet of the "Chhayavaad," a modern Hindi poetry romanticism literary movement. She worked at Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth in Allahabad as both the Principal and Vice-Chancellor.

Chandraprabha Saikiani

When a woman fights with rage and determination to empower herself, no breeze can stand in her way. Chandraprabha Saikiani tells a remarkable story of how she overcame all obstacles to complete her education. She began her endeavour at the age of 13 after finishing her studies. She truly made a difference in so many lives—more lives than India could have imagined at the time. Chandraprabha had been awarded a scholarship to attend Nagaon Mission School. Her major contribution to education is still felt in the state of Assam. She founded the currently active Asam Pradeshik Mahila Samity. Tezpur University also established the Chandraprabha Saikiani Centre for Women Studies in 2009.

Vimla Kaul

Vimla Kaul exemplifies the saying, "Be young at heart, not age." At the age of 80, Vimla Kaul is making every effort to educate kids in the Delhi village of Madanpur Khadar. She has sustained her educational endeavour for the past 20 years.

She recognised a lack of commitment and engaged in education for impoverished students. Vimla accepted responsibility and made an effort to improve the lives of children in the nation's capital. Sarita Vihar is a notable area. Sarita Kaul is irrepressible and keeps up the outstanding work despite the lack of facilities and a suitable structure.

Roshini Mukherjee

Do you know who created the website Exam Fear? Is it the biggest learning platform for prospective students preparing for the NEET in the various topics from classes 6 to 12? Roshini Mukherjee is the one responsible for all of this change. Why not maximise value exclusively online when the entire globe is connected? Only along these lines did this young woman construct her teaching approach. 

Roshini could clearly identify every one of these issues and was unable to sweep them under the rug. As a result, she began her new project, Exam Fear, to assist children of various ages. She quit her well-paying IT position and immersed herself into pursuing her passion for teaching, which appeared like a very different option to many around them. She started by making straightforward YouTube videos. It offered free educational materials. She would use an approachable style to clearly explain difficult ideas. Her teaching style is open-minded and highly helpful. To teach the academic themes, she uses a visual method and visual portrayal. She has reached many learners through her creation of countless videos. Roshini's straightforward and motivational style continues to inspire everyone.