Vlogging In The Feminine Way: Female Vloggers In India

Vlogging In The Feminine Way: Female Vloggers In India

By: Vaishnavi Pradeep | Wednesday, 11 March 2020

In this era, YouTube has given a same platform to every individual either to entertain people or to themselves. The convenience given by YouTube is ahead of age, gender, race and caste. "From zero female YouTubers with over one million subscribers in 2015, the number has grown by leaps and bounds. We had one woman creator with one million subscribers in 2016, three in 2017, to now a strong community of over 120 in 2019," said Satya Raghavan, Director, Content Partnerships, YouTube in India.

Here is a list of top 4 Indian female vloggers who broke all the stereotypes and are successful self-made female YouTubers in India. 

Komal Pandey: Komal is an Indian fashion vlogger and YouTuber. She is considered as one of the best vlogger in India and she is famous for being a fashion stylist at POPxo which is an online fashion channel in YouTube. In the year 2012, she started her own fashion blog called ‘The College Couture’. POPxo channel was impressed by her works and offered her to work for them as a fashion video coordinator in the year 2015. She gained huge fans from this channel and she worked in the channel for more than a year. She resigned from her designation from the channel and started her own YouTube channel which is successfully flourishing each day. She has more than 896k subscribers and still counting.

Prajakta Koli: She is a lady video blogger, Indian YouTube celebrity and rapper who focus in making funny videos of situations happening in everyday life of common people. She has about 3.5 million subscribers, more than 500 videos and also has sponsorship from several brands in her own YouTube channel. She is known for her channel ‘MostlySane’ and has received many awards for her funny videos. She was a radio jockey before she started her own channel. She left the job and started her channel as this is more lively and entertaining profession, according to her.

Sejal Kumar: Sejal is a young and lively YouTuber and began her career in YouTube in the year 2012. Her YouTube channel is followed and subscribed by more than 377k people and her instagram is followed by 224 people. She has completed her bachelor’s in Economics. Apart from YouTube she is an all rounder in all the extra activities. She has won many awards such as, the best vlog award 2018, best lifestyle blogger award, best youth influencer award, fashion account of the year and many more.

Shruti Arjun Anand: Her first video was very popular and well received by the viewers. The first video which was taken casually and not for the purpose of blogging but that videos has changed her career.  Her first video was in the year2012 and after that she builds her career as a YouTuber. Her family encouraged her in doing her passion and her channel is peppered with comedy skits. Shruti has gained huge number of followers over the years. Presently she has more than 3.4 million subscribers, more than 520 million lifetime views, and more than 700 videos. Her exclusive ‘beauty with a twist’ method of videos is attracting the viewers.

"YouTube is no longer an urban phenomenon, with about 60 percent of our watch time coming from non-metro cities, creating content in multiple Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, among others," Satya Raghavan, Director, Content Partnerships, YouTube India said.