How women entrepreneurs are changing Indian society

It is awesomely inspiring to see women entrepreneurs breaking the glass ceilings and becoming superbly successful entrepreneurs. I call them starpreneurs, as each one of them, is a star shining so bright and emitting their radiance of intellect, hard work grit, and dedication. Their ideas are soaring the skies, many of their ventures becoming unicorns.

There’s a new inspiration almost every day to know about. Each one is different and so amazing to know about and to learn from. Women-owned start-ups and businesses are on the rise from almost every region and direction of our great nation.

While the internet & technology and boom in social media have been a big enabler for women in business to rise, it is their inherent strength, determination and courage, and passion that propels them to put the extra time and energy apart from their core responsibility of taking care of the households, for their entrepreneurial journey.

Indian women enterprises have come out of age. While the very early enterprises were raised out of purely compulsive financial needs, nowadays we see aspiration and ambition too behind the dream. So much the Indian woman has come! Women today are re-evaluating themselves and the way the world looks at them. There is a drastic shift in their attitude where they feel more confident and competent for higher responsibilities and higher positions that were not even thought possible sometimes back. The business and corporate world too are making efforts to create women-friendly workplaces for their growth. With a very high level of education, today we see more women in boardrooms as well. And these women are the role models for many other women.

Women entrepreneurs are generally found in social areas and in health, clean energy & zero waste, education, women’s hygiene, fashion, cosmetics, food and nutrition, garments and textiles, and the service industry. A more specialized area where we see very successful women are in IT, AI, and other software servicing platforms.

A big change I notice nowadays is how family and spouse is supporting women. Even in the highly conservative and orthodox families where womenfolk going out and working was taboo, a crime earlier is now having a much liberal outlook and a change in the mindset. They don’t find shame in working and business daughters and daughters-in-law, rather they feel proud of them and boast of their achievements.

Women enterprises are likely to create a big impact on our society. Apart from generating wealth and prosperity, it is seen to be a gender equalizer, changing perceptions & mindsets and making a progressively egalitarian society. Women enterprises are highly liked to create more jobs for women, create social ventures perusing environmental and sustainable causes, participate in community and non-profit activities as businesswomen are seen to be more inclined to want their investments aligned to their values.

The Indian woman has established herself as a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, as we can see her unleash her true potential and arising as a superhero all around us.