Quirky & Fun Women Led Indian Brands to Shop from this Diwali

Quirky & Fun Women Led Indian Brands to Shop from this Diwali

By: WE Staff

For many Indians, Diwali has always been a time for joy and celebrations. Not only is it the festival of lights, but it's also a good time to make new purchases and start new endeavors. Sit back and take in the numerous presents to make this Diwali one you and your family will never forget.

The festival of lights is almost here, and there's no better occasion to dress up and look gorgeous than Diwali! Additionally, the festival of lights calls for hunting down the most unique presents for our loved ones. Many of us don't feel like visiting the congested markets as the festival gets closer, and we don't want to stress about having to haul our goods back home. So, we did the research and compiled a list of some fantastic places to get Diwali necessities online. With so many options, there's surely to be something that's suitable for you! HAPPY SHOPPING, HAPPY DIWALI.



Parisserie offers exquisite, delectable, and freshly made desserts. Farah Shroff and Nayantara Thomas, two bakers with French patisserie training, are in charge of a company. They offer lavish baked goods in their Diwali packages, which are sure to please.

Confection Connection

Confection Connection by Kanupriya sells a wide variety of Diwali boxes that are stuffed with a variety of baked goods, chocolates, diyas, and holiday lights. Their well chosen selection is presented in repurpose-friendly tiny baskets that have been attractively adorned. The unusual lightning chocolate box, which contains chocolates that resemble small miniature crackers, is everyone's favourite.

The Huda Bar

The Huda Bar was founded with the intention of promoting mindful, nutritious eating while on the move. They provide pure products free of additives or preservatives, and their creators Huda Masood and Prathiba Parth are highly conscious about the organic label. They provide a variety of Diwali hampers that are beautifully packaged with a Diya and contain delights like nut butters, granola bars, and herbal teas.

Butterfly Ayurveda

Akshi Khandelwal's Butterfly Ayurveda line of specialised goods includes Ayurvedic teas, herbal infusions, Ayurvedic medications, and herbal supplements. They also operate a bakery with Ayurvedic influences that creates freshly baked cookies and pastries. Their entire product line is geared at assisting consumers with problems brought on by their way of life. They offer Masala Chai and diabetic-friendly cookies in their distinctive Diwali baskets, which are made of pine wood.


Swara Art Creations

Resin artist Swati Iyer is the owner of Swara Art Creations, which sells stunning tealight holders with colourful motifs. She also produces resin wall decor, jewellery, and hairclips. Every item is crafted by hand and tailored to your preferences. She offers the following bright, vibrant tealight holders for Diwali.

Lumicent Candles

If you're looking for candles, Lumicent Candles by Shreya Sawant has every option imaginable, including, to mention a few, beeswax, soy wax, paraffin, jar candles, and floral candles. They are stylish, soot-free, and totally customizable. The Diwali hampers include scented candles of your choosing in a velvet box, as well as chocolates if you choose to include them.

Crafty Cartel

Diya sets are available at Crafty Cartel by Sakshii Singhania and include stunning, hand-painted rangoli plates. If you're searching for something to take your Diwali décor to the next level, one of their extremely unique goods is your best bet.


Lush & Rapt

Tanvi Bothara founded Lush & Rapt, a brand whose objective is to produce happy and fashionable products for many home and lifestyle sectors. Their selection of Diwali boxes includes exotic chocolates, specialty coffee blends, nuts, incense cones, and tealight holders, making them as flexible as they come.

Soul Dreams

By Deepika Vasani and Sameeksha Shetty, Soul Dreams gives you planters and thoughtfully chosen artisan goods from all over India. Their carefully curated selection of goods strives to promote Indian craftsmanship and art from various regions. Your ideal Diwali gift if you're seeking for last-minute gift ideas is their adorable mandala basket!


Heranya Crochet Art

Hema Gopinathan and Ranu Prashant created Heranya Crochet Art, which combines amazing handiwork with excellent fashion sense to create a variety of brightly coloured clothing, shawls, and other items. Consider these lovely designer bags or this stunning crocheted necklace, which would make the ideal Diwali gift and give a lovely touch of personalization.

The perfect accessory can drastically improve your complete appearance. The next best option for a Diwali gift is a fashion item like a bag or earring if you are unsure of the recipient's garment size.

House of Zonira

Paromita developed the brand House of Zonira to offer subtle yet stylish contemporary silver jewellery. They  create simple yet personality-filled designs using raw and polished semi-precious stones to prove that being minimal need not be boring. Everyone adore their elegant danglers and this distinctive open-style, semi-precious stone, silver bangles.

Morpankh Jewels

On the other side, Morpankh Jewels by Dixita Hergir is having a Diwali sale that features gorgeous statement pieces at low prices if you prefer heavy, ethnic jewellery to wear with your holiday attire. Check out their Instagram highlights, where they list items that are on sale, including this gorgeous glass necklace.

Jhola Craft

Designed in-house, Jhola Craft by Sunita Hatte produces creative bags and accessories. They are made in small batches from fine, pure cotton fabric and come in a variety of colourful colours and prints that go great with Indian attire. 


Gift Green India

Mansi Shah's Gift Green India strives to assist individuals in switching from traditional gifts to eco-friendly gifts that would last longer than other gifts. For instance, everyone adores their repurposed bunting constructed from leftover fabric scraps, which will form a magnificent Thoran. They offer customised kits for Diwali that comprise natural goods like seed patakhas, gobar diyas, and incense cones.

Organic Mind

An broad selection of skincare, lifestyle, beauty, and food goods are available from Organic Mind by Priya Shetiye. Their eco-friendly and organic Diwali packages come with self-care items, food, snacks, spices, toiletries, and devotional items.

Bare Necessities

Zero-waste social venture Bare Necessities by Sahar Mansoor aims to make zero waste the rule rather than the exception. If you want to encourage someone to begin their zero-waste journey, you may present them one of their Diwali hampers, which includes mini bundles containing natural cleaning and beauty products.