Dr. Shubhra Goel: Giving A Makeover To Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

Top Women Surgeons - 2021

India has become a hub for Medical Treatment. There are many reasons why India has become a hub for various healthcare facilities. Some of the most common reasons contributing to the growing Indian economy as a perfect resort for various medical treatments are medical Tourism.

India is a home of various best surgeons in the world also low-cost medical treatments with high precision, World-class medical facilities, Customized packages for individual treatment, Extra care and immediate attention.

When we talk of medical field, especially Surgery, the impact is more visible. Nursing, midwifery and surgery is the domain where women found their place and later in Obst and Gynecology. Recently in an Annual meeting of Associations of Surgeons it was projected that for 25,000 surgeons there are only 700 women surgeons and of 12,700 members only 300 women are members of this society, a number too small to be reckoned at any forum.

In India, the social milieu is such that with its orthodox beliefs' women are discouraged to take up jobs where most of the time one is surrounded by male colleagues and the working hours sees no night and day. A woman professional has to contribute significantly to household cooking/ home & school management of her kids & elderly parents. The joint family system allows her only balanced independence to pursue her demanding career.

Unlike west, most religious festivals & social rituals in India mandate presence of women at the home front. Surgery as elsewhere in the world is equally demanding here also, principally all working days at times amounting to more than 80 hours a week. Throughout history, there have been many women surgeons who have made significant contribution to the field. In this issue of Women Entrepreneur Magazine, a list of 10 Best Women Surgeons-2021 is provided to the readers. The listing is provided for informing the excellency of women surgeons in India. The listing is prepared by a team of industry. veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the Women Entrepreneur Magazine editorial team.