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Top 20 Best Brands for Women - 2021

Female influence has always been a key factor in the most successful branding strategies. But only recently, due to the increasing influence of women in the market and the number of women in leadership and decision-making positions, have companies begun to deal more effectively with their influence that women consumers have on the market.

Women have an incredible amount of influence in business and brand strategies, whether it be in purchasing decisions, creating brand strategies, or overall leadership and overall direction of the company. Besides the traditional means of advertising (print and media), the influencer marketing space is dominated by women and accounted for 83.9% of all advertising posts in 2017. Typically, these influencers tend to attract a predominantly female audience, making these influencer channels ideal for brands to use in their Harnessing women's purchasing power.

Acknowledging the massive impact that women have on the success of a brand, the current issue of Women's Entrepreneurship magazine presents to you a list of “Best Brands for Women - 2021". We have rounded up some of the most innovative and impactful brands that have been on a rise lately. These brands mirror the qualities that their consumers possess i.e. talented, resilient, ethical, strong, and one with the need to make a change. A relentless pursuit of excellence is a trait common among each of the chosen brands. This list was compiled by a group of tech enthusiasts, researchers, CXO, VC, and Women's Entrepreneurship magazine editorial.