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Top 10 Women Leaders From Dubai - 2023

Women Leaders Spearheading Dubai’s Economy

No deny to the fact that, today we are witnessing women leaders actively shaping dynamic teams across industries. They are not only leading companies, organizations but the corporate world of diverse geographies, and Dubai is no different. Dubai, a city and emirate of UAE is known for its ultramodern infrastructure luxurious shopping and attractive travel & tourism feature. Holding excellent trade relations with multiple countries, worldwide, Dubai holds various positions for both man and women to come forward and to leverage their corporate skills. Undoubtedly, it is heartening to see more and more women take the top spots across organizations rapidly in Dubai, still there is much more needs to be done.

Female Representation

Statistics reflects Emirati women are ambitious and have enormous educational achievements with 77 percent of Emirati women enrolling in higher education after secondary school. Emirati women accounts for 70 percent of all university graduates in the UAE, and 46 percent in STEM. Additionally, the UAE Gender Balance Council, has made progress towards implementing gender balance policies and legislation in support of the Gender Equality agenda under the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). However, in spite of the UAE ranking second highest among Arab countries in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report (2017), there is still room for improvement. Even though Emirati women represent 70 percent (Gender Balance Council, 2019) of university graduates in the UAE, only 28 percent of women participate in the workforce, which may increase now with the latest women-friendly government schemes along with a slew comforting measures for women employees.

Gender Equality

Gender equality being the paramount importance in recent times, the world as a whole is rushing toward minimize the gender gap, and Dubai is no Different, as it has put immense efforts towards women empowerment and shaping the world through agile women leaders irrespective to their positions. These women are breaking barriers and making large progress in various fields such as business, government, education, healthcare, and more and leading the charge for gender equality and empowering women across the region.

Our endeavour at Women Entrepreneur Magazine has always been to highlight remarkable women leaders across geographies and industries. In keeping with our motto, the current issue of the Women Entrepreneur Magazine features a list of ‘Top 10 Women Leaders from Dubai - 2023'. Compiled by a panel of industry veterans, CEOs, CXOs and the Women Entrepreneur Magazine editorial team, the list features prolific women who have not only crafted illustrious and innovative businesses, but have proven their mettle as leaders across the diverse businesses playing a key role in contributing towards strengthening the workforce.