Top 10 Women In Life Coaching - 2020

Emotional intelligence, relationship building, the accomplishment of goals, personal struggle resolving, attaining the definition of life’s purpose, locating the path to inner peace and happiness are some of the developmental attributes of personal life. In professional life, efficient team management, the achievement of career goals, education, conflict management, communication prowess, the process of decision making, financial management, and failure dealings are the major qualities. In India, a certified life coach is most of the time regarded as a resolver of corporate/ workplace challenges develop personal strengths, and formulate an inspiring environment to work in. The corporates these days are involved in investment in terms of developing the strengths of their core teams, polishing their skill sections with time.

Without a life coach, in times when the corporate sector in India becomes a field of leg wrenching competition, it becomes difficult to stay focused. Increasing the awareness level of an individual, the importance of a life coach is immense in today’s industry work culture. And, now with the major focus on the development of women in India, in every field – sport, education, technology, business, women life coaches are delivering topnotch life coaching solutions equivalent to their male counterparts. Some women life coaches admit that they developed the skills right from their education journey, when they were highly involved in developing themselves, their friends, and later colleagues. Based on their experiential learning, women life coaches of today, who were previously consulted when people were at crossroads, gave invaluable advice. While these women gained impeccable applicable knowledge through experience, they learned and polished the skills, and now are offering life coaching sessions, which hold the potential for a person to evolve, and grow. In this issue of the Women Entrepreneur magazine, we present a list of ‘Top 10 Women In Life Coaching - 2020’, featuring the industry changers of today. These women are shifting paradigms of workplaces for better productivity, and human life centric. The listed life coaches are selected after thorough research by industry veterans, renowned corporate mentors, CEOs, and VCs, and the Women Entrepreneur magazine editorial board.