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Top 10 Women in Healthcare - 2022

With technology and innovation at the helm of industries today, there has been a paradigm shift in the healthcare delivery today and the challenges in the sector is poised to leap forward. Also, as the world has been opening up post-COVID, there has been witnessed an immense focus on leveraging digital technology to cover the functions and care delivery to patients now. According to the researches, where India's healthcare sector was valued at about $280 billion in 2020, it is further projected to touch about 372 billion the present year, in 2022. The country's healthcare market had become of the largest sectors in terms of revenue and employment and the industry is growing at a rapid pace. There's required an efficient workforce to suffice this demand, extensively focusing on skill-and performance-oriented healthcare leadership and assistance.

Though, the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has long been dominated by men, a trait it shares with many of its counterparts abroad, there can be seen massive transformation today, with gender inclusivity overwhelming the space. Today, be it patient-care, administration, management, HR, technology, or more, healthcare sector is and in this purview, women have significantly proven their domination reflecting their benevolent dedication, determination, and strategic involvement.

Today, there are prolific examples of such leadership professionals who have proven that healthcare is one of those fields that needs the delicate care and understanding which only women can provide. Comprehending to nearly 50 percent of the workforce requirement in the sector, they have unworn the shackles of conventional and societal rules and made way for their extraordinary self in the sector as CHOs, COOs, Strategy Heads, CTOs, and more across the healthcare hospitals, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech labs, and many more.

In this issue of Women Entrepreneur magazine, a listing of  “Top 10 Women in Healthcare - 2022” is provided to readers to acknowledge the development and excellence of women in healthcare. The listing is compiled after deliberation by a group of tech enthusiasts, researchers, CXOs, industry experts and the WOMEN entrepreneur magazine editorial board. The objective of this list is to inform our readers about the great strides made by healthcare firms in terms of diversifying their employee base and welcoming more women through the ranks.