Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in Digital Marketing - 2020

Latest survey report suggests that the digital marketing field is growing fast among different marketing segments in India, and also in Asia. Most of the businesses are expanding the budget outline allotted for digital marketing every year. The fact that women are equally skilled and proficient in performing a task just like a man, the demand for women in the digital marketing field is quite impressive. Digital marketing, which includes SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Marketing, constituting the core of the field, has gained a huge boost in recent times. Giving women the flexibility to work from anywhere, and furthermore increasing their forte in becoming a successful entrepreneur, digital marketing has created a list of a whopping number of digital marketing companies, which are commanded by women entrepreneurs.

Brands are utilizing the digital marketing strategies by women largely, where the creative inputs by women through creative writing, designing, audio-visual production and marketing campaigns, are directing the brands towards more traffic. Accomplished by the women entrepreneurs through their aspiration, who have ventured out to create an all in one digital marketing firm, are recognized by the team of Women Entrepreneurs, featured in the listing of `Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in Digital Marketing ­ 2020'. The stories of the featured women entrepreneurs are exciting as they share their fighting journey of becoming successful. Upfront digital marketers, business leaders, industry experts, VCs, and the Women Entrepreneur India's Editorial Board prepared the listing after extensive market research. The featured women entrepreneurs also share the digital marketing services they deliver to digital India.