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Top 10 Women CTOs - 2022

A Chief Technological Officer (CTO) is the executive in charge of an organization's technological needs as well as its research and development. A CTO examines the short- and long-term needs of an organization and utilizes capital to make investments designed to help the organization reach its objectives. For becoming a CTO, at least 15 years of IT experience is required, along with a graduate degree and certifications in computer sciences and business administration. They leverage the technology to enhance products and services that focus on external customers. They bring high tech ideas and advanced solutions to the company.

Women hold fewer than one in five chief information or technology officer positions at leading companies in the US. The things are worse in other countries. Women representation in C-suite roles has already become a matter of discussion all over the world. The statistics show that women representing the roles that need technical proficiency are even low. Women opting for STEM subjects are less in number all over the world. But in India, the case is different; there are more number of women opting for STEM subjects, but most of them are not choosing a career related to their field or degree. Even if they chose, for such a career, a very few succeeds in breaking the glass ceiling to reach c-suit positions in the companies.

In last few years, women representation for CIOs or CTOs has increased slightly. In 2018, 16 percent of CIO/CTO roles were held by women. The financial industry has the largest representation of women CIOs or CTOs. According to the report of Korn Ferry, 25 percent of women hold the position in finance industry. In the services sector, by comparison, only seven percent of CIO or CTO positions are held by women.

Women Entrepreneur in this issue brings into spotlight the list of `Top 10 Women CTOs -­ 2022' who have been a part in the success and growth of the organization. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board.