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Top 10 Promising Women in PR & Advertisement - 2020

In television journalism and public relations, the industry employs a large number of women, who contribute vehemently. Women working in the PR industry as senior marketing professionals, or women entrepreneurs in PR, or senior in-house communicators, are contributing towards the growth of the industry.

Records show that the industry was male focused where an organization’s culture was the barrier for women’s career development and in this new age industry revolution, there is no such case. Being more supportive of the women employees, organizations have been creating support systems for women to acquire new skills, learn the techniques to gain worldwide recognition. The industry is focused more on gender neutrality.

In the PR and advertisement industry, women have created an everlasting attitude which has also helped in building a strong chain of talents in the ongoing growth. Women, with their competency, control, coping, and confidence are in line with men, more such, they are ahead in the recognition.

Men are also supporting them passionately so that the sense of insecurity flows away and get equal support at workplaces. It is a nice bonding being created between men and women in every industry, including PR and advertisement.

The PR and advertisement industry are driven by creativity and passion. These are the foremost quality needed. Starting from the basic level at the executive positions to reaching the top of the leadership hierarchy, women are creating a revolution in the PR and advertising industry. Recognizing such a few names in the industry, in this edition of the Women Entrepreneurs magazine, we bring a list of ’Top 10 Promising Women in PR & Advertisement - 2020’. The listing is prepared after a strong scrutiny by the industry veterans, CEOs, VCs, and the Women Entrepreneurs magazine editorial board. After extensive research, the magazine presents the stories and recognizes the exclusive PR and advertisement personnel.