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Top 10 Indian Women Leaders In UAE - 2022

Today, the world economy and business landscape has gone through a rapid shift in its conduct, and this change owes a big time to the innovative and sustainable leadership category thriving across regions too, driving firms towards prolific growth prospects. Also, as India has vital stakes in peace and prosperity in the Middle East, the bilateral trade betwixt Indian and UAE also benefits from the incredible leadership traits of Indian leaders. India is UAE's largest exports destination & trading partner with bilateral trade turnover of $68.4 billion during the calendar year 2021. UAE's exports to India stood at $43.04 billion while India's exports to UAE stood at $25.4 billion.

In the near future, overall, India is estimated to benefit from preferential market access provided by the UAE on over 97 percent of its tariff lines (or goods), which account for 99 percent of Indian exports to the UAE in value terms-particularly from labour-intensive sectors such as textiles, leather, footwear, sports goods, plastics, furniture, and engineering. There are many Indian leaders who have been providing their fair share in the realization of this growth, and that is gender inclusive too. As the world, celebrates business expansion and growth today, the great Indian women legions also need to be appreciated as they have come a long way overcoming the societal shackles and gender bias established around them, which made them count amongst the weaker and inefficient humans.

Well, there are many, but in this issue of Women Entrepreneur magazine, a listing of "Top 10 Indian Women Leaders in UAE - 2022" is provided to readers to acknowledge their astute contribution for development and excellence in UAE. The listing is compiled after deliberation by a group of tech enthusiasts, researchers, CXOs, industry experts and the WOMEN entrepreneur magazine editorial board. The objective of this list is to inform our readers about the great strides made by Indian women leaders in leading the organizations towards glaring achievements and new market tapping in terms of diversifying their employee base and welcoming more women through the ranks.