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Top 10 Indian Women Leaders in Canada - 2021

Women today not only play key roles in the corporate world but have also emerged as successful business leaders, stepping up to promote employee well-being, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Across the globe, women have made important gains in senior leadership, in spite of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, that shook the economy. Female leaders are taking on extra responsibility, compared to men and supporting their teams to grow the organisations. Women leaders are helping the team, by ensuring that their workloads are manageable while ensuring their overall well-being. The fact that there is a direct relation between female corporate leadership and positive organisational performance cannot be ignored. Women entrepreneurs and leaders have become the bedrock of growth and are a vital part of business in the modern era.

One such nation experiencing women powering businesses and enterprises alike is Canada. The country remains the top choice for Indians due to better job prospects and an overall better life. Moreover, its low unemployment rate even during the Covid-19 pandemic, makes it more attractive for the entrepreneurs and business leaders. Globally, Canada is one of the safest places to live in and has most friendly people. The country is efficient in migration processing structures and systems, which is a gift for skilled Indians looking for job prospects overseas. In the last three to four years, Indian immigration into Canada has jumped exponentially. Shortage of IT and healthcare professionals is another reason for the rapid rise of Indian immigration into the country. Nearly 60 per cent of immigrants support the economy by starting new businesses where newcomers own more than 33 per cent of businesses.

In such a scenario, the country is also home to an increasing number of Indian origin women business leaders. With specializations ranging across all industry verticals, these women have been leading major functions across organizations and have also successfully created lucrative enterprises of their own.

Our mandate at Women Entrepreneur Magazine has always been to highlight exemplary women in leadership roles. In keeping with our motto, the current issue of the Women Entrepreneur Magazine features a list of `Top 10 Indian Women Leaders in Canada - 2021. Compiled by a panel of industry veterans, CEOs, CXOs and the Women Entrepreneur Magazine editorial team, the list features prolific women who have not only crafted illustrious careers but have also been at the forefront of the corporate landscape in Canada.